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Disney’s Iconic Tower of Terror is Going to Get Special Treatment Starting Soon!

marvel tower of terror

The latest in news from the Disney Parks; fan-favorite Tower of Terror is going to be taken over by another beloved Disney-owned franchise. (Any guesses?)

The Disney Parks around the world are renowned for their ability to transport any Guest, no matter age, culture, or background, to the world of Disney, giving them the absolute and immersive Disney experience. One of the primary ways any Disney Theme Park in a Disney Resort makes this happen is through the incredible rides designed and crafted by Walt Disney Imagineering.

disneyland paris castle

Disneyland Paris/Courtesy of Disney

Disney Imagineers work hard through the year to make it possible for Disney fans to experience their favorite rides and attractions in new and improved ways. For example, in Disney California Adventure Park, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – BREAKOUT! opened in 2017, allowing fans the chance to experience the Tower of Terror in Disneyland Resort in a new way, and many fans fell in love with the overlay.

Now, another Disney Park across the ocean will receive similar treatment! The Disneyland Paris Tower of Terror is going to see a change in its appearance very soon.

tower of terror in disneyland paris

Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris/Courtesy of Disney

Earlier this year, we reported on a new drone show that was gracing the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. The drone show will be the first of its kind at the Disney Parks, as reported by Disney Parks Blog. Disneyland Paris’s Tower of Terror will also get that classic superhero treatment during that show.

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While, at the moment, a permanent Marvel-themed overlay is not on the cards for the attraction, seeing how Guests respond to the drone show could be a good way to gauge whether a Marvel overlay will be as successful in the Paris Disney Resort as it was in the Southern California Disney Resort.

avengers campus disneyland paris

Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris/Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

This could turn out to be particularly plausible, considering the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster got its own Marvel overlay at Disneyland Paris.

More on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris

Are you brave enough to enter The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and face its three hair-raising new horrors: The Malevolent Machine, The Shaft Creatures and The 5th Dimension? Prepare to scream your soul out as you plummet to darker depths than ever before. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The Tower of Terror is also found in Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Tower of Terror is one of the most popular Walt Disney World attractions.

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