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Next week (November 20 specifically) is a big day for the Walt Disney Company.

Anna and Elsa

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Why exactly? It will be the first time in years that the company will be debuting a newly themed area.

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In Hong Kong Disneyland, a new section called the World of Frozen will open to the public. The first Frozen-themed land in a Disney park is one of the biggest investments made into the Hong Kong resort. The expansion has taken nearly seven years to complete (due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic).

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The new land will feature a version of EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, and Playhouse in the Woods.

Frozen Ever After

Hong Kong Disneyland will feature its own version of the popular Frozen-themed attraction.

olaf frozen ever after ride epcot disney

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It will likely be slightly different since the ride will not have to be retrofitted into an existing track and space. However, the spirit of the ride will be the same, starring audio animatronics of Frozen characters.

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs

Disney Frozen roller coaster

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This unique attraction will be the first roller coaster ever themed after the Frozen series. The short roller coaster stars Olaf and Sven as a sled/coaster pulls guests through a woody mountain.

Playhouse in the Woods

The third themed attraction in the Frozen-themed land will be an interactive play experience.

Anna and Elsa's Playhouse

Credit: Disney

Children will be able to celebrate Arendelle’s Summer Snow Day.

Frozen Characters

Joining Elsa and Anna walking around the newly themed area will be Mossy, the troll. He will be accompanied by cast member who acts as a resident of Arendelle. Together, the Arendelle resident and Mossy will interact with guests as they wander around the kingdom.

World of Frozen

Although the original Frozen movie came out ten years ago, Disney has been dragging its feet on building an official themed land. Although there have been many additions to the theme parks through the years such as Frozen Ever After at EPCOT and a show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they have yet to fully commit to a full fledged Arendelle.

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The new land will also feature Nordic-inspired décor and building facades. It will also contain places to shop and eat – all themed to Anna and Elsa’s kingdom.

The area will also include a toy shop and a special dining location.

World of Frozen opening date

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A Frozen land is also currently under construction at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris and at Disney’s Tokyo DisneySea.

Although there are no confirmed plans for a Frozen-land in America, we can always hope.

The Walt Disney Company and Bob Iger have signaled plans to invest more into Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort in the coming years.

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