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Streaming services have been a groundbreaking development in the world of entertainment — and apparently, Walmart wants a piece of the pie. According to the New York Times, Walmart is making a play for its own streaming platform or streaming “bundle” arrangement, and one of the company’s desired partners is Disney+!

Walmart might be best known as a large grocery store with a wide variety of affordable offerings, but the company is apparently branching out. Walmart has already started offering Walmart+, which is a $12.95 per month (and $98 per year) service that allows for cheaper gas at Walmart gas stations, free shipping for online purchases, free grocery delivery, and other benefits like complimentary Spotify access. But it seems that Walmart is not content to entertain its customers through music alone!

Disney Plus

Disney+ Credit: Disney

Walmart is reportedly looking to team up with major streaming services and develop a special bundle offer.

Some of the biggest streaming platforms in the streaming industry are Paramount+ (from Paramount Global), Hulu, Peacock (from the Comcast Corporation), and Disney+ (which is still somewhat popular despite rising prices and the upcoming addition of ads to the platform).


Hulu Credit: Hulu

Since Hulu and Disney+ are both streaming services from the Walt Disney Company, it makes sense that Walmart might be particularly eager to form an agreement or streaming “bundle” with Disney in order to gain access to two streaming services in one fell swoop!

Whether or not Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, or Paramount+ will form an agreement with Walmart is unclear as of yet — but it seems likely that Walmart’s aim will indeed involve “bundling” the streaming services together to give Walmart+ subscribers a chance to enjoy multiple streaming services with only one monthly bill.

Disney Plus Ads

Ad-based subscription offers are coming soon to Disney+. The streaming service includes content from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Would you like to buy a streaming bundle from Walmart, or would you prefer to avoid Walmart and buy individual streaming subscriptions on your own? Are you surprised by the potential alliance between Walmart and the Walt Disney Company?

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