Walt Disney World Attraction Closing Indefinitely

disney world attraction closing

Next on the list of closure announcements, an attraction at Walt Disney World is set to close later this month, with no word on its return.

Attractions close for myriad reasons at the Disney Parks. Whether this is at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or even abroad most often, this is for refurbishment. Occasionally the Disney Parks will close attractions due to Guests’ bad behavior, and yet other times it’s because they’re reworking the attraction altogether, like in the case of the beloved Splash Mountain.


EPCOT Beacon of Magic/ Disney

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Now it’s EPCOT’s turn. The American Adventure attraction at the Theme Park will be closing on September 19 for refurbishment. At present, no reopening date has been provided.

Though the Disney Theme Park is filled with many incredible and unique things to do, but few compare to the authenticity of its “American Adventure” attraction. This educational and entertaining show takes viewers throughout American history, featuring 35 audio-animatronics and an impressive 72-foot screen.

The American Adventure, EPCOT/Disney

The American Adventure, EPCOT/Disney

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Per the Disney website,

In this dramatic production featuring 35 Audio-Animatronics figures, digital rear-projection images on a 72-foot screen and stirring patriotic songs, you’ll watch firsthand as America’s story unfolds.

Take your seat in a stately Colonial theater and meet Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain—your guides on this trip through time.

Witness landmark events like landing of the Mayflower, the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War and the Great Depression.

You’ll even encounter luminaries like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Joseph and Teddy Roosevelt, among others.

american adventure epcot

The American Adventure, EPCOT/Disney

The Disney Park rides and attractions often have to go through a period of maintenance and refurbishment in order to provide the quality and standard of the Disney experience that Guests have come to expect.

Just recently, fans took to social media to share their unhappiness with the state of another Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park: Animal Kingdom, and the upkeep of its newest land: Pandora — The World of Avatar. At the time of publishing, no word has been received on the maintenance or refurbishment of these Disney World rides.

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We at Disney Fanatic will continue to keep readers updated about the latest Disney news and Disney Park news as it comes to light.

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