Want To Be As Comfy as Frozen’s “Oaken” Character This Season? Here’s How to Do It


If you’re in the mood for all things hygge this autumn, and you’re already starting to hibernate, then everyone’s favorite Norwegian sauna enthusiast Oaken might be the perfect role model for you as colder seasons descend! Oaken has already been getting his moment in the sun recently, since he’ll be helping Elsa and Olaf host and cater Queen Anna and Kristoff‘s engagement party during Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure aboard Disney Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, which has been named the Disney Wish. If Oaken’s comfy sweaters, warm Nordic outpost, and “yoohoo” catchphrase strikes a chord with you, read on for some tips about channeling his character’s lifestyle!

Oaken from Frozen is hosting Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure on the Disney Wish. Credit: Disney Parks Twitter

The first step to embracing an Oaken aesthetic is a big, soft, comfy sweater. While you can definitely go for a hooded sweatshirt or cape instead, a cuddly wool sweater will be more in keeping with the Scandinavian style–and the brand-new “sustainable, British knitwear” company Yantan Revolution has the perfect options for sweater weather!

Credit: Yantan Revolution

Credit: Yantan Revolution

Yantan Revolution was just launched this week, and is a unique United Kingdom-based brand. According to the brand’s co-founder Jules Von Hep, “While the UK imports wool from overseas and consume man made fibres – our farmers are burning or burying their wool unable to sell it. This is not ok and we need to work together to raise the demand of British wool” by only making sweaters that are “designed and manufactured in the UK with none of our wool being imported or blended with man made fibres.” Yantan Revolution is also specifically focused on helping local U.K. farmers sell their wool and on actively promoting sustainability through practices like their “limited production runs” that consistently lead to “reduced waste”. Good-quality, local, and sustainably-made sweaters definitely sound like things that Oaken would appreciate!


Credit: Yantan Revolution

Credit: Yantan Revolution

The remaining factors in Oaken’s hygge style are warm drinks and a warm environment. So nestle with loved ones by the fire, by candlelight, or under thick blankets–and finish off the Oaken experience with hot cocoa or cider! Now you’re ready to…well, to stay comfy inside. Enjoy!

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