Solutions For When You Need a Mid-Day Rest at EPCOT

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EPCOT and Magic Kingdom Park tend to tie in favoritism with most Disney Park Guests. And for some, EPCOT even comes out ahead. That’s because it’s one of the most versatile Disney theme parks, with so much to see and do. It can turn into nonstop action and adventure, which can be both great and energy-draining, to say the least. But fortunately, there are many awesome alternative easy-going options to take to when you need to temporarily slow down a bit, say somewhere in the middle of the day. Here are 10 such suggestions for when you need a mid-day rest.

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10. Inside the American Adventure

When open and in full operation, a simple step inside the main edifice of the American Adventure Pavilion can offer up your ultimate all-in-one mid-day break. And what’s even better about this versatile venue is that you can still feel like you’re being productive even while relaxing. That’s because there’s so much to preoccupy your fancy, from taking time to explore the onsite American Heritage Gallery to ascending into the theater for the main featured attraction—a combination of animatronic and film show exploring the defining moments in American history. Because the show runs for a half hour in addition to the other explorative elements to get lost in observing in the gallery below, the American Adventure allows you just as much time as you’d adequately need to get your rightful rest up before getting a second wind.

American Adventure

Credit: Disney

9. Impressions de France

There’s a lot of action happening over at the France Pavilion of the World Showcase at any given time. From delightful dining to the newest crazy—Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, it can be a pretty bustling time. But what you may not realize is that this is where you will also find the perfect attraction to enjoy a nice little rest at as well. I’m referring to that long-time aerial flyover theater presentation—Impressions de France. Spanning 18 minutes in all, it’s an opportunity to sit down a bit and enjoy a wonderful 200-degree Cinerama-like screen experience showcasing France’s best natural and architectural highlights, set to appropriate classical music pieces to really set the mood.


Credit: Disney

8. Koi Pond at Japan Pavilion

There’s something soothing about a stop at a lush pond setting for a delightful, much-needed breather before continuing on. And that’s just what you get over at the Japan Pavilion and its peaceful koi pond. As part of the Japan Pavilion’s larger Japanese garden display, just staring a bit at these colorful carps can be a soothing and amusing experience. It’s like discovering a peaceful oasis—a sanctuary of sorts.

 Koi Pond

Credit: Disney

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7. Butterfly and Knot Garden in the United Kingdom

There’s a truly enchanting appeal to this lovely little area within EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion. All the lush displays of garden artistry in its most unbridled form work wonders in providing one of the best alternate locations to take a break at. From well-manicured marvels to untamed wildflowers alike, you really can spend far more time here than you had originally anticipated, just getting lost in the essence of it all.

The butterfly residents of these gardens undoubtedly have it made with all those plants that attract them specifically. There’s even a unique area designated for butterfly cocoons as well. Additionally, there is also a fragrant herb garden on location here, as well as a recreation of Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

 UK Gardens

Credit: Couponing to Disney

6. Victoria Gardens and Rocky Mountains Pathway

The Canada Pavilion is another excellent area you may want to stop and take a breather at. First, you have a floral fantasy come true with a Butchart Gardens recreation, taken straight out of British Columbia fame. Not to be outdone is that impressive 30-foot waterfall display among the scenic Rocky Mountain Pathway establishment. Both areas within the Pavilion offer up lush, bucolic beauty and the ultimate temporal getaway from the crowds of EPCOT.


Credit: Resorts Gal

5. Club Cool

Perhaps it is nearing mid-day and you’re feeling a little parched as you go about your busy day. Then a stop in at Club Cool may be just the thing to offer up a rejuvenating quick respite. It’s also a great way to refuel your energy levels and wet your whistle without even paying a cent! That’s because they feature fountain drink samplings from specific designations around the world. While the drinking cups are small, you can try as many samples as you’d like, as many times as you want. What a jolly little break to take before continuing on with your adventures!

 Club Cool

Credit: Inside The Magic

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4. Stave Church Gallery

There are many notable stops to take over at the Norway Pavilion. There’s, of course, the Frozen Ever After attraction, not to mention Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, which has just announced its soon-to-be reopening and is sure to be just as popular as ever with folks. But if you’re looking for a quiet and unassuming break to take, you may find a stop in at Stave Church Gallery to be just the sort of fixing you’ve been looking for. It’s a way to step out of the Florida sun a bit and cultivate your senses by looking at a host of artifacts and national items on display, detailing the epic legends and history of Vikings and ancient Norwegian peoples throughout time. Initially, you’ll get a bit of an education and a much-needed break all in one.

Viking Gallery

Credit: Resorts Gal

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3. Plaza de los Amigos

While there are several hotspots to check out within EPCOT’s ever-popular Mexico Pavilion, that large pyramid structure is, of course, the main attraction. Not only that, but it also, quite literally, is the epicenter of all attractions of this part of the Park, keeping them all under its roof. And while entering here is no different from getting right in the heart of a bustling crowd, it’s where you go from there that makes this location an excellent mid-day break option. Say you’re not heading to the resident San Angel Inn Restaurante or even to the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. Just take some time out to stroll along that lovely vendors’ market setup known as the Plaza de los Amigos. It’s enjoyable to browse about the different merchandise and wares on display, and just enjoy a little downtime taking in all the sights and overall ambiance as the scene plays out.

Mexico Pavilion

Credit: Couponing to Disney

2. Living with the Land

The Land Pavilion, on location within EPCOT’s World Nature neighborhood, is always a bustling place to be at. Between playing host to one of the Park’s most popular attractions—Soarin’, to being the site for both Garden Grill Restaurant and Sunshine Seasons food court, this is admittedly a forever-crowded venue. But there is one attraction here that’s great for sitting for a while and learning some very informative facts about agriculture. Don’t worry, they make it interesting! I am, of course, talking about that lovely gentle boat ride experience that comes with the Living with the Land attraction. It’s an ideal endeavor if ever there was one, still engaging in an attraction while getting off your feet a bit, sailing along.

 Living with the Land

Credit: Disney

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1. Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

Also located within the World Nature Neighborhood, this all-in-one pavilion is the perfect place to spend quite a bit of time at. On a more obvious note, it is the place where to find two great attractions—both of which are recommended for taking things easier. They are Turtle Talk with Crush and the pavilion’s namesake the Seas with Nemo & Friends dark ride. But there’s also a whole aquarium setup to get lost in exploring, with so many sights and experiences to take in. If ever there was an ideal low-key venue in EPCOT where you can do so much while taking a break, this is it.

Seas with Nemo

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT isn’t the only location at  Walt Disney World Resort where you can take a much-needed break without sacrificing the fun. There are so many alternate endeavors to take to throughout other Parks as well as at beloved Disney World hotel locations and other venues. Just remember that part of the fun about being on a Disney vacation is making custom-catered magic for you and your group. So, if that means utilizing options for resting and relaxing a bit, then, by all means, go on and do so!

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