Beautiful & Quiet Spots Throughout Walt Disney World That No One Talks About

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There are so many lively places all throughout Walt Disney World Resort where you can easily count on getting lost in all the hustle, bustle, and nonstop action. You are, after all, right in the heart of one of the top theme park destinations on the planet, so it really should come as no surprise that noise and crowds would be part of the package deal. In fact, you’ve come to expect that taking a breather in peaceful quietude at some serene, private location while out and about just isn’t meant to be during a Disney World visit, right?

Wrong! Disney is indeed the place where dreams come true, so for a tired on-the-go Guest looking to find a beautiful, scenic spot to momentarily unwind while locked in a busy day, there are plenty of opportunities to keep in mind. Some you may have already heard of but overlooked their desirable decompression potential. Others you may have never even considered before. But here they are: 10 beautiful and quiet spots throughout Walt Disney World that no one talks about.

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10. The Koi Pond at the Japan Pavilion

You will find plenty of serene spots gracing the numerous national pavilions that make up EPCOT’s famed World Showcase. Some of these places are among our absolute favorites to take a little time out at to treat ourselves to a little peace, quiet, and pleasing eye candy. While making our rounds within the Japan Pavilion, for instance, a stop at their beautiful Koi Pond setup is just the sort of rejuvenating sight we need to keep us going.

As part of the Japan Pavilion’s larger Japanese garden display, the watery wonders contained here include lush flora in addition to those large and colorful carp fish we know to be Koi. Just taking a timeout to watch the attraction’s star performers swimming by, all carefree and happy, is a heartwarming sight to behold!

Koi Pond

Credit: Disney

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9. Victoria Gardens and Rocky Mountains Pathway

EPCOT’s Canada Pavilion is another very scenic spot for an escape. While you’d think its location as last in the national lineup would garner it a lot of attention and hype, the Pavilion’s design is done in a way that reduces all of the fanfare and instead allows for a lot of nice little nooks to get away. So even when there are many visitors out and about, you never feel crowded out or congested, since you are in the lush outdoors!

Take the scenic winding Rocky Mountains-themed pathway to a refreshing 30-foot waterfall display: the perfect place for a needed breather and opportunity for appreciating a most amazing recreation of a natural wonder.

Another fabulous feature that the Canada Pavilion is famed for is playing host to one of EPCOT’s most beautiful garden displays. Drawing inspiration from the Butchart Gardens of British Columbia, EPCOT’s Victoria Gardens display sets the stage for smiles with its simplistic yet lavish presentation of colorful, well-manicured flora, including roses, maple trees, and more.

Canada Pavilion

Credit: Resorts Gal

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8. The Butterfly and Knot Garden in the United Kingdom Pavilion

Not to be outdone in garden artistry and attributes, EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion also gets a lot of attention for its pretty pristine displays. And again, you have a well-spaced area to unwind —  to stop and smell the roses along with many other floral features.

When venturing throughout the United Kingdom Pavilion, you’ll want to head left to take in the bucolic beauty that is its Butterfly and Knot Garden setup. Untamed, tantalizing wildflowers enchant the scene here, drawing in those fluttery favorites among insects: butterflies, which are always in abundance. The area is even a sanctuary of sorts for butterfly cocoons!

The herb garden section, in proximity to the replicated construct of Anne Hathaway’s cottage, is where you will catch fragrant herbs growing onsite. These include enticing varieties of mint, sage, rosemary, chives, and more.

UK Garden

Credit: Couponing to Disney

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7. Tom Sawyer Island

Believe it or not, there are even esoteric spots right within Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park where you can snag a moment of quiet relaxation and rejuvenation laden with beautiful scenery without countless folks crowding around. Just head over to Tom Sawyer Island, right across the Rivers of America.

Exclusively accessible via a piloted log raft, the scenic explorations and self-made adventures here are among some of Disney’s best-kept secrets. That means it’s largely unpopulated any time of day. And the setup makes it so that you never feel overcrowded even when other folks are present.

Aside from the serenity and quietude that Tom Sawyer Island offers up, you’ll also be treated to peaceful, scenic sights in nature as well. And one of the best places to stop and sit a spell, taking in the wild wonders, is at Aunt Polly’s Gazebo (part of a now-closed quick service spot).

Aunt Pollys

Credit: Disney Fanatic

6. Polynesian Village Beach

There are several different Magic Kingdom Area Resort Hotels, three of which are even directly located on the Monorail Line. If that’s not a testament to their nearness to Magic Kingdom Park, then perhaps the vivid views each one offers are. And one of the best vantage points for peering directly across Seven Seas Lagoon and straight at Cinderella Castle can be found on the beachy shores of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

You can, of course, delight in clear views of the beloved Park landmark at any time of day, but taking in the evening’s Nighttime Spectacular at this point is a magical experience as well. And don’t forget about the Electrical Water Pageant every evening. What a special, peaceful, hidden spot to find such enchantment!

Polynesian Beach

Credit: Disney

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5. Grand Floridian Walking Trail

While there has long been a walking path from Disney’s Contemporary Resort leading up to the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park, a newer installment for such at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is paving the way to another peaceful, more low-key way to travel. Because these trails are admittedly far fewer in number (since they are for those who are up to the task of walking to the Park), you need never worry about crowds.

So that leaves even less to be desired for those seeking peace, quiet, and an escape from all that hustle and bustle. And because the path is etched with such tranquility in nature, it makes for a lush oasis of sorts that the Contemporary’s more parking lot-based path just can’t hold a candle to!

Walkway Magic Kingdom

Credit: Our Magical Disney Moments

 4. Saratoga Springs Lakefront

Have you ever wondered about the ways to take in some of the best views of surrounding Disney Springs? Sure, you can make a bold move and ascend via a hot air balloon, but such an endeavor is neither peaceful nor calming (especially for one who has a fear of heights).

Instead, we recommend stopping and standing a while at the lakefront of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. And for those up for a scenic traipse into the bustling social hub, there is a pleasantly peaceful walking path leading up to it as well, crossing along a lovely little bridge along the way. While the end result won’t be so solitary, the journey getting there will be all the rejuvenation you need.

saratoga springs

Credit: Disney Vacation Club

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3. Animal Kingdom Lodge Patio

There are many wondrously wild spots to explore over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Being an exceptionally large Resort gives it the advantage of spaciousness in a way that means you never feel overcrowded. And despite the menagerie of creatures great and small, nothing ever gets overly loud and noisy here.

In fact, the animals like quietude — which is why the Resort is kept in accordance with what is best for them. And what is best for them is best for you, a seeker of an escape from the crazy excitement and action.

We’ve seen plenty of delightful locations to stop at and take in the splendor of the savannas and all of its best beasts. And one befitting respite area, in particular, is the Resort’s own covered patio, complete with chairs to make staying awhile here a cozy comfort.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Credit: Disney Fanatic

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2. Three Bridges Bar & Grill

There are several locations throughout Walt Disney World and neighboring Disney Springs that offer impressive waterfront views to Guests looking to indulge in lakefront splendor to accompany their most excellent epicurean excursions. But this optimal open-air restaurant at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort does not only provide waterfront views; it is literally located on the water, so to speak.

To get to the restaurant’s own “island” of Villa de Lago, Guests must cross a series of three bridges — the restaurant’s namesakes. All the while, the venture over will afford you fantastic views of the Resort’s own Lago Dorado, which is a serene and tranquil setting that is equally beautiful and intriguing. And the time you spend at Three Bridges Bar & Grill, with its relaxed, low-key setting, will be cherished beyond words.

Tree Bridges

Credit: Disney

1. Aboard a Disney Boat

There’s just something calming, quaint, and vividly beautiful about being on the gently dancing waters as the sun glistens on the waves or the silvery moonlight shimmers down on a lightly lit evening. Both scenarios are equally inviting and give seekers of beauty and tranquility every reason out there to take in the soothing experience that a Disney boat ride can offer you.

There are so many different ways to travel to Walt Disney World through the utilization of their complimentary transportation services, but venturing via a ferryboat is by far the most beautiful of all. Coupled with scenic sights, the rocking relaxation that comes with gliding along the waves, and subtle breezy hints, this offers up the perfect personal escape into makeshift moments of memorable me time right when you need it.


Credit: Disney

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Visits to Walt Disney World need never be all action and no quiet relaxation. Even in the most bustling of locations, you will discover the calming quietude and scenic serenity that you so crave in these places and at so many others.

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