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The Disney Parks have had a lot of unsavory coverage recently, but this recent social media post is a great reminder of why we love them.

With the amount of negative press about Disney that has been making the rounds, sometimes it’s wonderful to be reminded of why these Parks captured our attention and garnered our love in the first place.

Disney California Adventure Park/Disney

Disney California Adventure Park/Disney

Most recently, a Disney Guest took to Reddit to share a wholesome experience she had at Disney California Adventure Park during her Disney vacation. The user, u/AirportCarpet, took a moment to shout out the “great people attending the parks and the awesome Cast Members.”

In the post, the user said,

“Yesterday my daughter lost her loungefly backpack with her lanyard and pins, iPhone, AirPods, sunglasses and a new Tuk Tuk magnetic shoulder rider. She left it hanging on a hook in one of the restrooms at DCA. By the time we realized it, an hour later, it was gone. I tracked the phone and it said it was in the same general area, but it died shortly after that.

I filed a claim online and by 7:30am today I was getting a phone call and they had the backpack! Better yet, EVERYTHING was still in there.”

Sleeping Beauty Castle / Disney

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort / Disney

The user expressed her gratitude both to the person who turned it in and to the wonderful Cast Members who always do their best to give all Guests a magical Disney experience.

What was special about this post was when other users who chimed in shared their stories as well!

u/JmePie said,

“About 10 years ago, my hubby and I forgot about our rented locker and all the stuff in it after a long day at the park with two small kids. We called the next day to ask if they could hold it until we could make a trip to pick it up. The cast member shipped everything to us at no charge.”

Disneyland Resort/Disney

Disneyland Resort/Disney

u/RoseGold1901 also added their Disney Park experience,

“I went to grad night at WDW in 2007. My new, hot pink Motorola Razr (you know the one) came out of my pocket on Rockin Rollercoaster. I thought it was gone forever. The super sweet cast member found it laying on the ride seat as the car came around the corner to reload and they got it back to me. I still cringe to think about the wrath of my parents if I had lost it.”

This goes against much of the press about many a Theme Park recently that says the staff is friendly or unhelpful, or reports from Disney Guests who detail out “bad service” whether at a Resort Hotel or a Theme Park.

It’s clear that no matter which Disney Park — Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort, or Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort, or the others — some truly beautiful moments make these trips what they are for so many Disney Guests every day.

Here’s to celebrating the wonderful Cast Members who make sure we fans can get the magical Disney experience we travel for.

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