Your DIY Guide to Planning a Disneyfied Date

Snow White and her Prince, Disney
Credit: Disney

We’re at that time of year again when love and romance are at the forefront of so many minds. And while there are few, if any, who can honestly claim to have a relationship that’s anywhere remotely on the level of what we see portrayed in a classic Disney movie, there are plenty of opportunities for you to seize the day with a well-orchestrated plan to bring the magic of Disney to any given date.

From simple inspirations based on your favorite stories to going the extra mile in recreating some of the most romantic moments Disney has ever designed for the screen, here’s your ultimate DIY guide to planning a Disneyfied date.

8. A Romantic Awakening—Sleeping Beauty/Snow White

Whatever your plans may be for the day, it’s important to start things off on a romantic note. And what better way than to awaken the love of your life with a gentle kiss? Perhaps you even have a full-fledged Sleeping Beauty or Snow White-themed day all laid out. A little woodland folly out in nature perhaps? Maybe you can delight in some friendly animal encounters via a day trip to the zoo! Whatever’s on the Disney-themed itinerary, remember to start things off by initiating the aforementioned action; it breaks the spell every time!

snow white true love's kiss
Credit: Disney

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7. A Snowy Frolic—Frozen

Remember, it is winter time and most of North America is currently experiencing the chilliest temperatures of the year. That means there’s snow in many places! But if you aren’t bothered by such, perhaps you and your significant other would like to recreate a snow-friendly adventure, inspired by Anna and Kristoff from Frozen. There are several ideas you can go with if this sounds like something that would be interesting. A Snowshoeing outing down bucolic pathways may just be the “coolest” thing for some adventurous couples.

Another, more popular alternative would just be to go on a winter sleigh-ride. At least this option allows for bundling under a blanket and even a personal space heater if needed! Whether snowshoeing or sleigh-riding, don’t forget to stop and build a snowman along the way. Depending on where you take your adventure and whether or not you have access to such, you may want to end the frosty fun at a romantic bonfire with hot cocoa or even a warming soak in a hot tub.

Anna and Kristoff
Credit: Disney

6. Scenic Picnicking—Aladdin

Unfortunately, magic carpets are in short supply these days. But the good news is that any small carpet or rug for two people will do when planning an Aladdin-inspired picnic. Again, we must consider the weather for this sort of endeavor. But if you aren’t getting hounded by winter weather and find the day to be surprisingly mild and fair, then a picnic outdoors makes for an excellent idea.

And if you want to see “a whole new world” from up above, plot out a scenic location that overlooks some beautiful views. An alternative for those who are either lacking the compliant weather conditions or do not have access to scenic views (or fall short in both instances) an alternative would be to plan an indoor picnic on your spread-out carpet while turning the television or computer on to a loop or screensaver featuring a montage of faraway destinations.

Aladdin and Jasmine
Credit: Disney

5. Spaghetti with a Side of Puppy Love—Lady and the Tramp

Do you find yourself automatically conditioned to think about Lady and the Tramp when the topic of a dinner date in a charming Italian restaurant comes up? You’re not alone; many Disney fans admit to this association. So why not go with it by planning the ultimate bella notte experience around a Lady and the Tramp-themed dinner date? Take your other half to a nice ristorante (preferably one with live musicians onsite), order up some spaghetti, request the iconic “Bella Notte” song (if they will honor your request) and have a doggone good time with it all! We understand that you will likely prefer using utensils during your meal, but do make it a point to share at least one noodle together…  

Lady and the Tramp
Credit: Disney

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4. Recreating “Kiss the Girl”—The Little Mermaid

One of the most romantic (almost) onscreen kisses to take place in any animated Disney film has to be the one that nearly occurred in The Little Mermaid, when Eric takes Ariel out on the water in a boat and all the sea creatures chorus together in that iconic song “Kiss the Girl.” Minus the singing sea creatures, recreating this scene in real life is easier to do than you may think. Simply put, you rent a rowing boat (or incorporate your own, if you have one) and take your sweetheart out on an evening on the water. You may want to play the actual song if you have it on hand on your phone or another device to set the mood. Of course, we recommend you actually do get the kiss in and don’t tip over in the process!

Kiss the Girl scene
Credit: Disney

3. Go See the Lights—Tangled

Another romantic boat ride to be featured in Disney animation is the one that takes place in Tangled. You know the scene, when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider release the floating lanterns into the air. And recreating the moment as a couple is a wonderful gesture. Just be sure to check the local rules in your area, as releasing sky lanterns is prohibited in some places. But if you happen to live in a location where it is not, find an open-air site with plenty of space (preferably on the water in a boat) and carry on. An alternative would be to just gaze at the stars with your honey. Either way, you’ll be seeing the light in a tantalizingly Tangled kind of way.

Credit: Disney

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2. An All-You-Can-Eat Feast and Ballroom Dance to Follow—Beauty and the Beast

You don’t necessarily need to attend an upcoming gala or ticketed event to experience an all-you-can-eat package paired with dancing, although we admit that if such is offered, it would make for a grand occasion. But perhaps you’d do best in carrying out the whole Disney-inspired romance for two by creating your own at-home dinner feast with a little dancing afterward. This is one of the simplest ways to have not only one but two Beauty and the Beast moments. First, you have the feast in a recreation of the whole “Be Our Guest” musical number.

Although we cannot guarantee that all the dishes and utensils will necessarily perform for you, you can always sing along with the words if you so desire. One fun idea would be to make all your honey’s favorite foods and serve them up as various courses as something special and significant.

Beauty and the Beast dance
Credit: Disney

The second part of your Beauty and the Beast-inspired evening will be, of course, your own rendition of that iconic ballroom dance scene. Whether you decide to recreate the dance in the privacy of your home or actually attend a public dance, it still makes for a most romantic gesture.

1. A Bibbidi-Bobbidi Evening—Cinderella

A Cinderella-inspired date night theme may just be the very epitome of an enchanted evening exemplified. Remember, you are in control of tailoring your own custom-picked highlights to include for the occasion at-large, but here we are presenting you with just a couple of ideas you may want to consider. An aspiring prince, for example, may decide to buy his Cinderella something special. Whether clothing-related (like a nice dress) or fine jewelry (if the aforementioned dress is too bold of a move) one fun idea would be to have a fairy godmother figure present her with the gifts. Perhaps you both have a mutual friend willing to assume the role or even one of your mothers can get in on the act.

While it may be hard to come by, there are ways of finding glass slippers (or at least those designed to emulate a glass slipper). You may choose to incorporate this into the evening as well—perhaps after she’s already donned what the fairy godmother presented her with. That will be your cue to present her with the slipper(s) and fit them onto her. Now it’s time to embark on a most magical evening, and what better way to travel than by renting a carriage to take you on your way?

A carriage rental themed after Cinderella
Credit: Wedding Wire/Bethlehem Carriage Company

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Here we have showcased just some of many creative Disney date-night DIYs for you to consider. Based on individual interests and personal, insider understandings between you and your sweetie, you may want to understandably customize some of the enchanted examples we’ve provided you with accordingly. Or perhaps these have led you to foster your own new inspirations for some other meaningful influences taken from various Disney delights. Whatever ways you choose to go about Disneyfying your next date night, just remember that Disney makes dreams come true and your experience is sure to be magical.

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