10 Tips For Surviving The Heat During Summer at Disney Parks

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During the Summer months, a Disney parks vacation means having to deal with large crowds and heat. While Olaf may not have had much experience with heat, many Disney insiders have and know the ins and outs of handling what can ultimately ruin a good vacation. While it’s best to avoid the Summer months altogether, it’s often the best opportunity to get the entire family together. Here are a few ways to survive the heat during your next trip.

10. Sunblock

A bad sunburn can make the rest of your Disney vacation pretty painful. Even if you don’t usually burn, put sunblock on before you leave your hotel and then reapply later in the day. You can get travel size bottles at your local pharmacy.

9. Squirt Bottles

Disney parks sell squirt bottles that come with an attached rotating fan. They also come with a Disney lanyard so you don’t have to carry the bottle around with you during the day. These serve as a temporary relief, but can be a bit costly if everyone in your family wants their own.

8. Take Breaks

The heat can tire you out so be sure take multiple breaks in shady areas. Sit down for a bite to eat or do some shopping in one of the air conditioned gift shops. You don’t have to spend your entire day rushing from attraction to attraction. Take a break and stop to enjoy the scenery. You can have a lot of fun just sitting around discovering all the hidden Mickeys.

7. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of liquids on hot days is absolutely essential. Cast Members don’t want their guests getting dehydrated either so free water on tap is available at most counter service food vendors. You will still have to pay for bottled water. The parks also have water fountains scattered around. You can bring a reusable bottle and refill it with water to keep costs down. Also, consider eating salty foods. Salt retains water and while this is something we tend to avoid, when it comes to being hydrated we want to hang on to that extra water. Mickey pretzels tend to do the trick.

6. Go Back To The Hotel

On days of extreme heat, take a trip back to your hotel from noon till about 3pm, when it’s the hottest during the day. Then you can return to the park as it starts to cool down. While you’re at the hotel, you can use this time to enjoy the pools or take a nap in your air conditioned room. Then you’ll be all rested and ready to go for a fun evening.

5. Go On Indoor Attractions and Wet Attractions

Luckily, there are plenty of indoor attractions at the Disney parks to help you beat the heat and stay cool. When you’re really feeling overheated, less crowded attractions may be the best option for you such as Carousel of Progress, the American Adventure, Universe of Energy, or a show at Animal Kingdom. Avoid shows that make you stand the entire time to help conserve energy. Splash Mountain would also be a good choice as most of the ride is indoors and when you are outside, you’re getting wet. However, wet rides like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids tend to get long lines on hot days, so you’ll want to get a Fastpass for these or visit them early in the day.

4. Go on Attractions With An Indoor Queue

If it’s really hot, you may not want to wait outdoors for an indoor attraction. The Carousel of Progress may be nice and cool inside, but you have to wait outdoors until it’s your turn. Likewise, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin has a small indoor queue, but it often spills out to the outdoor queue. Attractions like Space Mountain or Star Tours offer more space in their indoor queue, even if there is a long line.

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3. Enjoy Ice Cream

Eating ice cream, especially if it’s Mickey shaped, is a great way to survive the heat. Besides the Mickey bars, you can also get a chocolate covered frozen banana or get a Dole Whip. If you get the Dole Whip Float, it still counts as a Meal Plan Snack credit and you get a refreshing drink to go along with your ice cream.

2. Water Play Areas

The Disney parks also have areas where you can get squirted with water to help you cool down. The newest play area is located in New Fantasyland by the circus area. There are water play areas in most of the Disney parks that are opened to all ages, so be sure to take advantage and cool down.

1. Visit The Water Parks

If you’re at the Walt Disney World Resort, you can visit one of two water parks that are packed with water slides and pools to help you stay cool. On warm days you will be waiting in line for the slides, but you can always go for a dip in the wave pool or the lazy river ride. Still be conscious of wearing sunblock and staying hydrated.

It’s important when dealing with the heat to go at your own pace. Young children and older adults respond differently to extreme heat so be sure to keep an eye on everyone in your party and do your best to stay cool.

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