Cakeworthy Launches a Collection of Retro Disney Princess Notebooks and Stationery

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If you’re a Disney fan or a Disney princess fan and you’ve been in the mood for some Disney accessories that are not only functional when it comes to standard organization, but that are also great products to add some Disney style to your day, then you may want to check out Cakeworthy’s new line of retro Disney stationery! This stationery includes notebooks or folders with deliberately old-fashioned covers that display vintage movie posters from the original movies of Snow White, Princess Aurora, and Cinderella. There’s also retro stationery for Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2009) and Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989), even though those Disney princesses aren’t necessarily retro or vintage themselves!


Cakeworthy’s Snow White Disney Princess Poster Folder Credit:

The folder that features Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) will be a particularly suitable product for anyone who usually finds themselves drawn to vintage style, Walt Disney classics, Walt Disney World history, Disneyland history, or Old Hollywood. Since Snow White’s movie was the first Disney princess movie and caused quite a stir in the world of animation, it’s a particularly appropriate theme for Cakeworthy’s retro collection!


Cakeworthy’s Disney Princess Poster Mini Notebook Set. Credit:

One of the best things about this collection of notebooks and stationery is the way in which each Disney princess film’s distinct style is incorporated into the individual products’ designs. The Sleeping Beauty stationery clearly matches the unique stained-glass kind of effect that was used to animate the 1959 animated movie, and the stationery honoring Cinderella also suits the animation and color scheme of that Disney princess’s 1950 Disney movie very well.


Cakeworthy’s Disney Princess Poster Folder Set. Credit:



Since The Princess and the Frog and The Little Mermaid don’t have vintage movie theater posters from their premieres (at least, nothing that has as distinct a style as the classic Disney princesses’ vintage posters), their stationery and notebooks are not quite as iconic. However, these are still fun and easy options for anyone who is a big fan of Princess Tiana or Ariel!


Cakeworthy’s Little Mermaid Retro Notebook. Credit:


Cakeworthy Disney Princess Sticky Notes Credit:

There are also some adorable sticky notes that would be perfect for an office worker who wants an understated way to express his or her love of Disney. Even though Ariel and Tiana don’t steal the show with their retro notebooks as much as the classic Disney princesses do, they still get to be featured on the sticky notes!

Additional information and product details about this stationery collection can be found on the online store Pink a La Mode! If you’d prefer a more modern style for your accessories or for your home office, then check out this Disney Princess x POPSUGAR collection, have a look at this new Merida collection, or browse shopDisney!




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