Snack Food Crawl Through the Magic Kingdom – 15 Tips for Special Treats

When planning a vacation to Disney World, you generally will make advanced dining reservations at a variety of restaurants based on cuisine, experience, whether it is character dining or offers a buffet. However, there is a lot of delicious food to fill you up that don’t require you to make any reservations and won’t take any time out of your ...

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10 BEST Restaurants for Seafood Lovers at Walt Disney World

Between the Disney World Parks and Resorts, you’ll find some of the highest-rated seafood restaurants around. Award-winning culinary chefs have become masters at preparing fresh, from-the-sea ingredients for your tasting pleasure. It takes no effort to become lost in the flavor sensations abounding in the gorgeously plated seafood dishes found inside these restaurants, and the impression they leave you with ...

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5 Sensational Snacks You Must Try at Walt Disney World

Mickey Pretzel

What gets me almost as excited as riding the rides and experiencing the attractions at Walt Disney World? The food! There are endless options available for every taste and palate, and as a major foodie I become downright giddy when I see a new snack or meal offering at the various Parks. I eagerly anticipate the taste experience because the ...

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5 Awesome Snack Carts At WDW

Walt Disney World offers numerous forms of transportation in and around the theme parks and resorts; however, once you enter one of the parks, walking becomes the #1 mode of getting from here to there. There are no shortcuts or bypasses here. The only way to experience every inch of this “magical world” is to put those feet to work ...

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Are These 5 Disney World Restaurants Ready for Mothballs?

As much as we love Disney, we all know that there are certain things than can use an update or just be closed entirely. One of the best things to do while at Disney World is eat! But truth be told, some places are just better than others and some just need a total refurb! And with the recent addition ...

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Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Tips: 8 Frosty Beverages

Le Fou's Brew

Snack credits can be used for a variety of beverage choices. Almost all fountain and bottled sodas found in the parks and resorts are available with snack credits, as well as bottled water. But if you’re looking for something a little more interesting to cool you down in the Florida heat, try of the ice-cold refreshments listed below! 10. Iced ...

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6 Do’s and Don’ts of The Disney Dining Plan

The Disney dining plan is a great addition to add to your vacation as long as you know some important Do’s and Don’ts to make the most of it. Just like with any part of your Disney vacation, you will want to plan and be prepared when it comes to using your dining plan and snack credits. If you are ...

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9 Best Places to Get a Late Night Snack at Disney

Food Truck - Downtown Disney

Maybe you’ve had a jam-packed and fun-filled Disney day, or perhaps you took it easy and lounged by the resort pool, keeping your pace relaxed and outside of any schedule. Night has cozily settled in around you. You ate dinner hours ago, and are nowhere near ready to crawl under your covers and switch off the lights. There is nothing ...

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Top 5 Snacks to Eat On-The-Go at Disney World

While visiting Disney, you are going to notice that there are times when you don’t have a chance to sit down and have a bite to eat. With rides to get to and characters to meet, sometimes you have to eat on the go. So what are the best Disney snacks to eat while heading to your next Disney destination? ...

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