“Creepy” Minnie Mouse Statue Leaves Guests Disgusted

vintage mickey mouse glares at minnie mouse statue

Poor Minnie Mouse has been put through the wringer when it comes to cosmetic changes or apparel changes in recent months, with some of her new updates being well-received by Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests while other alterations have been viciously lambasted or criticized.

Minnie Gets Another Makeover

Now, Minnie Mouse has undergone yet another alteration that has resulted in mixed reactions from Disney Park Guests — although in this case, the results are not quite as undivided as they could be!

minnie mouse

Minnie Mouse has worn several new outfits recently, including her Stella McCartney pantsuit and the Christmas dress that was inspired by Broadway.

Why Is This Version of Minnie So Frightening?

In a recent post on Reddit (which is shown below), a picture of a platinum Minnie Mouse statue was recently shared with a description of the statue as “creepy.”

This statue appears to be located within Toontown in Disneyland Park.

“It is a tad.. unsettling for sure,” one Reddit user responded. “Just the head growing out the stem of that plant is unnerving enough, but the expression as well…”.

mickey's toontown thefts condition

Mickey’s Toontown

Another Disney fan has a hunch about the underlying reason for this statue’s off-putting appearance: “they forgot her eyelashes”!

Minnie also has a particularly strange smile in this portrayal, making the overall effect even more macabre.

You’ve Got Mail

Some Disneyland Guests claimed that this statue was actually Minnie Mouse’s mailbox in Toontown. Whether or not this statue is brand-new, the fact remains that it is clearly not a hit with Disneyland visitors!

“This had to go through several people before they put it up,” another person pointed out. It is certainly true that Disney’s decisions, particularly regarding Disney Park features or attractions, are meticulously refined before they are sent out into the theme parks.

This leaves Disney fans wondering what exactly possessed the team at Walt Disney Imagineering to go ahead with this particular statue (or mailbox).

Creepy Minnie
byu/Jimmy_Joe727 inDisneyland

This platinum statue definitely seems to be appropriately labeled, since it is certainly not getting gold stars or even silver stars in terms of Disneyland Park Guest reviews!

What are your thoughts on this iteration of Minnie Mouse? Do you think that this is the right way to treat Mickey Mouse’s better half?

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