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Discussion: Will Bob Iger’s New “Quality Over Quantity” Strategy Help or Hurt Disney?

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Disney CEO Bob Iger recently announced that Disney would be moving to a new strategy and focusing on “quality over quantity” regarding new releases from Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios—you name it. Disney has been bleeding money (evidenced by their enormous losses in 2022), and likely, a significant undertaking for the year is to, at the very least, close that gap.

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And in a sense, Disney has already begun accomplishing that. We recently reported on Disney’s milestone of 2023 of their (so far) unparalleled box office success for the year only six short weeks into it.

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Considering Disney’s financial troubles and their shocking announcement of 7000-person layoffs, choosing to watch for cost efficiency in their production is a prudent choice, a point reiterated by Culture Slate. So, perhaps the “quality over quantity” approach is one that will pay off for Disney in the long run.

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Franchises from Marvel Studios, Star Wars, and Disney Animation Studios are incredibly popular with fans. The Disney Parks feature some fan-favorite rides and attractions inspired by them—both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

However, some have recently questioned whether you can have too much of Disney (or Marvel or Star Wars) and what effect this move will have on the Disney franchises. It’s also worth questioning how this will impact the Disney Parks, which are currently one of the highest earners for the Walt Disney Company. Last year, Josh D’Amaro shared a lot of blue sky ideas that Walt Disney Imagineers had been working on, including a Villains-land, an Encanto-land, a revamp of DinoLand U.S.A., and more.

While none of these have been confirmed by the Mouse House, it does beg the question, will a reduction in this also affect the Disney Parks?

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While it’s too early to answer either of these questions, the current positive trajectory that Disney is seeing hints that perhaps all will be well. Disney has no dearth of inspiration, and with Disney CEO Bob Iger announcing the return of power to the hands of the creatives at Disney in a strong move away from Chapek-era Disney, perhaps we’re looking at a new and improved chapter for the Mouse House.

Plus, with all these new exciting movies that Disney just announced, who’s worried?

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