PHOTO: Disney Fan Likens Himself to Bob Iger in Meme

disney fans miss bob iger

It looks like Disney fans still miss Bob Iger and recall the former Disney CEO on the regular, including referencing some fan-favorite moments.

Most Disney fans are familiar with Robert Iger — known as Bob Iger — the former CEO of the Walt Disney Company. He was beloved by fans and is far more popular than his successor, current Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Iger stepped down from his position as CEO in February of 2020, even though plenty of people still hope for his return; recall the D23 Expo.


Former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and CEO Bob Chapek / Disney

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Fans continue to reminisce about Iger’s days as the CEO of the Mouse House and often express their desire to see him come back (or, at the very least, see CEO Bob Chapek gone).

In that vein, one Disney fan and Reddit user, u/TramminKirk, recently took to the social media platform to share a humorous take comparing himself to the former CEO.

Check it out:

Am I CEO material? from Disneyland

The photo referenced a well-known moment among Disney fans when Iger visited the Disneyland Resort in 2021 after he’d stepped down as CEO and was behaving the way any other fan would.

It’s not very surprising that fans love Iger more. Under Chapek’s direction of the Walt Disney Company, the Mouse House has seen increased coverage of bad behavior from Guests, has seen multiple price hikes, and is even facing a lawsuit on the matter from Disney World Annual Passholders. There have even recently been protests by Annual Passholders outside Disneyland Paris over the continued restriction of Park Access.

To many, the current state of Disney translates loosely to “pay more to get less.”

However, recently Chapek doubled down on at least the price hikes, saying it was what any business would do and has done.

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Regardless of popularity, however, it appears that the current CEO is here to stay (for now).

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update readers on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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