Disney Postpones Overlay Change For Popular Attraction

haunted mansion overlay change

An iconic Disney Park attraction will have a later closing than first expected for its change from the holiday overlay to its usual appearance.

Disney works very hard—Cast Members, employees, and Walt Disney Imagineering—each year to create the magical atmosphere that surrounds and disperses through every Disney Park each holiday season. During this time, several attractions also receive unique overlays. The Magic Kingdom’s world-famous Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World Resort becomes the Jingle Cruise. Over at Disneyland Resort, the Haunted Mansion transforms into Haunted Mansion Holiday.

haunted mansion holiday

Haunted Mansion Holiday/Disney

Many rides are beloved at Disneyland Resort, but few are as popular as Haunted Mansion. The attraction allows Guests to “take your seat in a gloomy Doom Buggy for an eerie tour through this house of happy haunts.” The famous and beloved disembodied voice of the Ghost Host serves as Guests’ private guide through the cadaverous dwelling, which is home to grinning ghosts and other spectral surprises.

haunted mansion disneyland

Haunted Mansion, Disneyland Resort/Disney

Per the website,

Haunted Mansion Holiday will be closed for refurbishment beginning January 30, 2023 and will reopen as Haunted Mansion. Please check back for updates.

Usually, Haunted Mansion Holiday closes when the holiday season ends and reopens in its traditional form a few weeks later. This year, it appears Disney is keeping the attraction in its holiday overlay, Haunted Mansion Holiday, open for longer. It will not close until January 30, 2023. Disney is giving Guests over three extra weeks to enjoy the attraction.

sleeping beauty castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

Here’s more about Haunted Mansion Holiday from Disneyland Resort,

Decked Out for the Hallow-Days

Pumpkin King Jack Skellington has been busy decorating the Haunted Mansion with frightfully festive touches inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Experience thrilling sights and seasonal surprises created by the citizens of Halloween Town. Sally, Oogie Boogie and other Nightmare nasties will be on hand to wish you “Season’s Screamings!”

The holiday season at Disneyland Resort will run until January 8, 2022.

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