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On January 27, The Walt Disney Company will begin celebrating its 100th anniversary. While Disney theme parks worldwide will be celebrating the milestone, most of the events will take place at Disneyland Resort. There will be two new nighttime spectaculars — Wondrous Journeys at Disneyland Park and World of Color – ONE at Disney California Adventure. There will also be specialty food available for a limited time, gorgeous merchandise, and decorations all throughout Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and the Downtown Disney District.

Wondrous Journeys, Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Even though the 100th anniversary does not start for a couple more days, Disney is all ready to go, and the decorations are almost complete. Now, this anniversary celebration is not celebrating a theme park, but a person — Walter Elias Disney — the man whose genius started one of the greatest companies in the world. You would think that, in such a special situation, Disney Imagineers would make sure to get every single detail right, especially when it comes to quoting the great Mr. Disney.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like that happened.

Walter Elias Disney

Credit: Disney

Social media influencer Five Fires (@thecalibae) visited Disneyland Resort days prior to the 100th celebration beginning and saw a new Mickey Mouse statue at the beginning of Main Street, U.S.A. The statue was a smiling, silver Mickey Mouse, with a quote from Walt Disney underneath. There was just one problem — the quote wasn’t correct.

am I tripping? #disneyland #disney100

Many big Disney fans are familiar with one of Walt’s most famous quotes. However, the quote was not, “It all started with a mouse.” What Walt actually said was, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” Many followers were shocked that Disney could manage to get something so wrong when it’s so easy to get it right.

Unfortunately, this is not the first mistake that Guests have noticed in Disney100 decor. Several days ago, Disney100 banners were put up around the esplanade — the area between Disneyland and California Adventure. One of those banners read “Matterhorn Bobsleds: 1955”. The problem is, the Matterhorn didn’t open at Disneyland Resort until 1959. Other banners confirmed that Disney was indeed putting the attraction opening year.

Matterhorn sign

Credit: Jason Schultz Twitter

While it is sad to see Disney make such avoidable mistakes, we hope that the Disney100 celebration will be as magical as Disney is promising. Guests had mixed feelings about Disney Enchantment — the new fireworks show celebrating Walt Disney World’s 50 anniversary — but hopefully, Disney has learned, and Wondrous Journeys will truly honor Walt and his legacy.

However, Disney is not off to the best start.

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