‘Encanto’ Show Is Returning to Disney!

Encanto It's a Small World Disneyland

In 2021, Disney introduced us to the Madrigal family, and we learned why we don’t talk about Bruno. Encanto shot to the top of the charts and has remained there, not only for its incredible story and diverse cast, but also for its amazing and memorable music. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” set Disney records and is now one of the top Disney songs of all time.

The success of Encanto was celebrated at Disney Parks, with both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort now offering a Mirabel meet and greet. And the aforementioned Bruno also made his debut at Oogie Boogie Bash, so we were allowed to finally talk about him!

Mirabel Encanto

Credit: Disney

On April 11, 2022, Disney brought Encanto to Disneyland Resort in a whole new way. Those who have visited the theme parks in the past few years have most likely noticed that Disney is getting really big on projection shows, and they are fabulous. So, Disney paired its amazing projections with Encanto and created a projection show that showed multiple times per night on the iconic attraction “it’s a small world”.

Encanto it's a small world

Credit: Disney

The “it’s a small world” Encanto show was incredibly popular, with adults and kids alike loving seeing their favorite characters in a whole new way. And now, we are excited to share that Bruno, Mirabel, Dolores, Isabela, and the rest of the Madrigals are returning to Disneyland Resort once again! Beginning February 17, the Encanto show will be projected on “it’s a small world” multiple times per night.

Encanto it's a small world

Credit: Disneyland Resort website

If you couldn’t make it to Disneyland when the show first started, here’s more info on what you can expect!

Admire Encanto

As the sun begins to set, gather with family and friends in front of the iconic façade of “it’s a small world” to celebrate the Walt Disney Animation Studios Academy Award-winning film, Encanto.

For a limited time, watch with delight as a light projection show animates the façade with a montage that pays tribute to the Encanto hit song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Like the Madrigal family’s casita, tiles across the “it’s a small world” façade flip, turn, and rearrange themselves as one scene transitions to the next, culminating in a celebratory chorus and a nod to Bruno’s mysterious prophecy about Mirabel.

This memorable nighttime experience is scheduled for several times each evening and is a perfect way to embrace the magic of Encanto!

Encanto it's a small world

Credit: Orange County Register

It is important to note that this show will only be returning for a limited time, although we don’t have a specific end date yet. In addition to the Encanto show, Guests will also be able to enjoy Wondrous Journeys — a new fireworks show –, indulge in specialty treats, and buy limited-time merchandise as part of the Disney100 celebration!

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