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Has This Happy Couple Just Broken a Disney Wedding Record?

disney wedding
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These days, there are Disney Fanatics who feel so passionate about Disney’s stories and Disney’s characters that they will allegedly pay as much as $35,000 for a VHS copy of the 1991¬†Beauty and the Beast¬†movie.

With such ardent fans in the mix, it’s no surprise that some Disney fans also choose to incorporate Disney magic into their wedding days, too!

Disney weddings are always a well-done affair when the official Disney Fairy Tale Wedding team is running everything behind the scenes, but plenty of Disney fans have found ways to incorporate Disney movie references or Disney Princess references into their weddings without any official Disney backing or Disney World and Magic Kingdom venue bookings.

A Disney Wedding Unlike Any Other

We have seen Disney fans doing everything from dyeing secondhand dresses pink to forcing their employees to dance in order to celebrate special events like their marriages — but now, two Disney fans have just pulled off a Disney-inspired wedding that brought a whole new level of niche Disney references to the table!

In a feature for, bride Ammy Pukasamsombut and groom Jeffrey Cruz shed some light on their Southern Californian wedding, revealing that they took inspiration from multiple Disney stories during wedding planning.

disney-inspired wedding bride and groom

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The wedding was actually a combination of three themes: the couple’s pet pugs (one of whom is named Mushu after the Mulan dragon), Christmas (which involved some Frozen references, of course), and Disney overall.

This Calamigos Ranch wedding reportedly involved distinct references about Disney Princesses like Rapunzel and Belle, but also references directly related to characters like Buzz Lightyear and Olaf!

Four Princesses in One Ceremony

Ammy involved two Disney Princesses in her wedding dress choice and her beauty inspiration, embodying Cinderella very deliberately with a wedding dress that involved “long, puffy, romantic sleeves.” She chose to bring the “modern-day princess” theme a step further with a Rapunzel braid as well.

The Disney Princess themes kept coming with a¬†Little Mermaid¬†ceremony setting; since Calamigos Ranch comes with an idyllic waterfall, decor inspired by the song “Kiss the Girl” was a no-brainer. “Kiss the Girl” was also the bride’s signature song for her big entrance.

kiss the girl-inspired little mermaid disney wedding ceremony waterfall venue

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Some Beauty and the Beast decorations made it into the ceremony area as well, however, bringing the Disney Princess reference count up to four so far!

“To Infinity and Beyond”

Ammy then brought some Pixar into her Disney wedding, telling Jeffrey that their love would last “‚Äėto infinity and beyond” in her wedding vows.

After the marriage ceremony, everyone partied at a reception that combined Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Christmas.

A snow machine dazzled guests with snowflakes and allowed everyone to pose next to this iconic Olaf quote: “You are worth melting for.” Beauty and the Beast¬†decor kept Disney Princess vibes present at the reception tables, too!

disney-inspired wedding bride and groom with beauty and the beast reception table

Credits: Anya Kernes and

How Many Is Too Many?

That makes for six — count ’em — SIX different Disney characters or Disney film themes within this one Disney-inspired wedding (eight, if we count Mushu the pug and the fact that Beauty and the Beast was honored with multiple appearances).

And the fact that the couple’s honeymoon was at the Disney Resort in Hawaii, known as Aulani? Well, that’s just the cherry on top of this magical Disney confection!

Do you think that these Disney fans have broken the record for Disney movie references in their wedding — or do you think that they could have gone even bigger, and that this couple has them beat?¬†

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