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Fans Glimpse Angelina Jolie In A Surprising Halloween Costume

Angelina Jolie in the new Marvel Studios movie Eternals. Photo Credit: Screenrant

It’s no surprise that celebrities take the Internet by storm on Halloween as they share their elaborate or expensive Halloween costumes on social media. Many Disney fans will be surprised, however, by seeing that Angelina Jolie joined in the fun! The actress, humanitarian, and mother of six is typically known for her intense dramatic roles, intimidating action roles, or for her flawless performance as Maleficent. To learn that the American actress embraced Halloween this year — and in the costume that she chose — was certainly unexpected! Since the press tour for Marvel’s new movie Eternals is underway, and the A-list cast have been impressing audiences on the red carpets worldwide, it only seemed fitting that the costars would celebrate Halloween together. The host of the Halloween party was Angelina Jolie, and Gemma Chan, who plays Sersi, shared pictures of the cast on Instagram–and lo and behold, there was Angelina Jolie…in a giraffe onesie with “black heels”.

Credit: Gemma Chan Instagram

Angelina’s early roles (such as her dramatic turn in “Girl, Interrupted” or her standout role as a pouty, fierce archaeologist in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movies) and her straight-talking style made her known for her grit and insouciance, so seeing the actress dressed as a cute giraffe will definitely be disorienting for many Disney fanatics. If you had envisioned Angelina Jolie as a festive Halloween participant in a warrior-esque Thena costume or Maleficent costume, then it seems safe to say that the outfit you’d envisioned was definitely not a giraffe onesie! Several other Eternals cast members joined Angelina for the occasion, including Richard Madden and Gemma Chan herself. The party was at Angelina Jolie’s temporary residence in the Canary Islands, which is where Eternals was filmed, so many people from the cast were able to attend except Kumail Nanjiani, who chose to head back to London for the holidays in order to spend time with his wife.

Credit: Gemma Chan Instagram

Credit: Gemma Chan Instagram

Even though Angelina Jolie has a reputation for playing serious characters (with a few fun turns in the action-comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” or the animated “Kung Fu Panda” series with Jack Black), she’s also known for being good-humored and fun in her private life. We’ve definitely glimpsed that side of her in press tour interviews, and her choice of Halloween costume is another clear sign that this particular A-list celebrity is up for more whimsy and goofiness than people might expect! Salma Hayek, another costar, also paired up with Angelina to host a makeshift Christmas bazaar for the cast and crew.

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