Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan Take An Intergalactic Turn During Marvel’s “Eternals” Press Tour

Credit: Marvel Entertainment Twitter

Marvel fans were already excited when the news about Eternals and its star studded cast came to light. Not only does “Eternals” have an epic, centuries-spanning plot–it’s also got some of Hollywood’s most respected actors filling its roster in a diverse Marvel movie that’s sure to make history! The press tour for “Eternals” is well underway now, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on the cast’s red carpet appearances. Gemma Chan and Angelina Jolie have been particularly notable during the premieres and press junkets. So far, English actress Gemma has gone with delicate, feminine styles and color palettes for her red carpet choices during this press tour. But tonight, at the Rome International Film Festival, she went for an entirely different look! The actress wore a black and velvety two-piece outfit (by indie brand Miss Sohee) that was accompanied by a striking headpiece. We can’t help thinking of Star Wars when we see the overall effect; Gemma Chan doesn’t look like she’d be out of place portraying another intergalactic character (like her role in Captain Marvel) in this ensemble! It’s also a far more commanding look than her previous choices, which had all seemed to highlight her “Eternals” character Sersi’s gentle nature.

Richard Madden and Chan. Credit: Marvel Entertainment Twitter

Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, stuck with the metallic and appropriately-celestial theme that she’s been representing on the red carpet so far. Jolie had stunned Marvel fans at the Los Angeles red carpet premiere for “Eternals”, when she sported a custom-made silver lip cuff that seemed to tie in with her character Thena’s aesthetic while also looking unexpectedly edgy. In Italy, she’s now worn a dress that is also staying in the same color scheme as Thena’s; we love that this dress doesn’t come with a lip cuff, but that its sheen is really reminiscent of the Celestial warrior’s armor!

Credit: Marvel Entertainment Twitter

Kit Harington and Chloe Zhao with Jolie and Chan. Credit: Marvel Entertainment Twitter

Credit: Marvel Entertainment Twitter

Both actresses looked wonderful in their own ways, and we love how much focus there is on portraying their characters even while on the red carpet. Gemma’s chemistry with her costar and longtime friend Richard Madden also made her stand out on the red carpet (of course it also helps that Gemma and Richard make an adorable couple, both in real life and onscreen!), but the entire cast of the “Eternals” have been impressing fans on the press tour so far. We’ll be excited to see what else they bring to the table as the press tour continues before the Marvel Studios movie’s premiere on November 5th!

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