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The Spooktacular Seven: A Selection of Disney’s Most Devious Villains


There are many Disney Villains to choose from, whether they’re animated or live-action. And now that Disney owns a huge number of IPs, it’s interesting to see what other crooked characters are in the mix. Naturally, Halloween has got us thinking which Disney Villains are the most devious, and not only that, but we’ve also been wondering whether we could ...

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Gemma Chan Wows Fans With Her Appearance During the Eternals Premiere

We already knew to expect elegance and beauty from the English actress Gemma Chan, both in real life and in her new Marvel Studios movie Eternals (which comes out in November, and which features an unusual superhero played by her). But at the Eternals red carpet premiere in L.A., Gemma outdid herself once again! It seems like all of the ...

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Here’s Exactly How to Be Aurora From “Maleficent” For Halloween

We’ve already shown you how to be Maleficent’s misunderstood villain for Halloween–but would you like a much easier, more delicate Halloween costume? Read on to find out how to be Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty (played by actress Elle Fanning) for Halloween! While Maleficent is all about dramatic, obvious makeup, her adopted daughter Aurora is more focused on ...

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Here’s Exactly How to Be Disney’s Maleficent For Halloween

We’ve already shown you how to be a glamorous, eclectic, masculine, tomboyish, or feminine Disney character for Halloween–but now we’ve got the costume tutorial for a character who is all of the above! Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie, is a fascinating character who manages to be feminine and glamorous in her appearance, standoffish and sometimes awkward when it comes to ...

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Gemma Chan Sheds Light On Her “Eternals” Character

We already know that Marvel Studio’s new superhero movie “Eternals” (which premieres on November 5th in theaters) is one of the longest movies in Marvel history. Most Disney fans or Marvel fans have also probably heard that the film has a diverse star studded cast that’s filled with Disney favorites like Maleficent‘s Angelina Jolie and Cinderella‘s Richard Madden! But who ...

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Get Ready: “Eternals” Is One of the Longest Movies in Marvel History

Are you a Marvel fan who mentally and physically prepared for the long haul when you went in to see Avengers: Endgame? Well, buckle up again–because the highly-anticipated and blockbuster-actor-filled epic “Eternals” is going to be another long one for audiences, coming in at 156 minutes long (and there’s also two post-credits scenes as a teaser)!  The Marvel Studios movie ...

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Maleficent Is Returning To Disney Plus

While almost all of Disney’s movies are on Disney+, there are a few that have only been on the platform briefly. The 2015 live-action Cinderella is one of them (and it still hasn’t come back to Disney+ yet, sadly) but Maleficent will be back for viewing as of next Friday, September 24th! While its sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil has ...

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