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Gemma Chan Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

One of the biggest perks when it comes to social media is the connection that it can build between celebrities and their audiences. Gemma Chan has consistently been a fan favorite, whether she’s been in the high society of Singapore in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ or taking the helm as a lead Celestial in the new ‘Eternals’ movie, and the English ...

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Kit Harington’s “Eternals” Character Leaves Marvel Fans Guessing

If you’re a Disney fanatic who dabbles in Marvel movies but didn’t really pay attention to the Avengers, then Marvel’s Eternals is a new movie that will allow you to fit right in with other confused members of the audience–at least when it comes to one particular character! Kit Harington, the English actor who starred in Game of Thrones, plays ...

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Movie Review: Is Marvel’s “Eternals” Worth Seeing in Theaters?

Disney fans and Marvel fans alike have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Eternals. With the star studded cast, Academy Award-winning director Chloé Zhao, the unique take on typical Marvel superhero movies’ style, and the A-list cast’s consistent standout looks during the international press tour for the film, it’s easy to see why! Eternals follows ten Celestials — ...

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This “Eternals” Actress Just Channeled Classic Disney Characters On The Red Carpet

It’s been no secret that English actress Gemma Chan, who plays the human-loving and gentle Sersi in Marvel Studio’s upcoming movie “Eternals“, is a favorite among audiences worldwide. The actress is renowned for her gentility, her humor, and her talent–but she’s also known for her beauty and for her sartorial choices! Tonight, Gemma seemed to reference the Disney princesses of ...

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You Can Meet Marvel’s “Eternals” Characters in Augmented Reality

If you’ve already been excited by Walt Disney World’s new augmented reality lenses for Disney Park Guests or the incredible Marvel hologram restaurant aboard the Disney Wish, and if you’re eager to see Marvel Studio’s Eternals when it premieres in theaters on November 5th, then you’ll definitely want to check out the futuristic offering that has just been added to iOS. ...

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