This Candidate is Most Likely to Succeed Bob Iger According to Fans

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One name has suddenly popped up in the race to become the next Disney CEO, and some fans are arguing that this man is most likely to succeed Iger.

A question making its way through the Disney community has been at the forefront of our minds since November 20, 2022. “Who will succeed Bob Iger this time?” In late November of last year, when Disney fired former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the news took the Disney community by storm, completely shocking (though not unpleasantly) many Disney fans. The return of the far more popular Bob Iger was also widely celebrated.

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Top, from left: Josh D’Amaro, Christine McCarthy, Dana Walden; Bottom, from left: Kevin Mayer, and Tom Staggs are some of the top speculated successors for the mantle of Walt Disney Company CEO

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However, there has recently been more news regarding replacements of long-standing Disney board members and executives. Susan E. Arnold, the board chairman so far, is set to be replaced by Mark Parker. And with all these organizational changes, it’s natural that many are now speculating about what the future leadership of the Walt Disney Company will look like.

Well, one fan has a theory. Check it out:

As TikToker @sayheyjames shares in the video above, he believes that Mark Parker, more so than anyone else, is the most likely candidate to replace Bob Iger when the latter’s term comes to in late 2024. @sayheyjames goes so far as to say he is “95% sure” that Mark Parker will succeed Iger and explains his stance.

@sayheyjames notes that in a previous TikTok where he explored the timeline of Bob Chapek’s ousting, he explained that Mark Parker’s name came up in a particularly important way. Per an article from the Wall Street Journal in 2022, Mark Parker was formerly considered by the Board of Directors to be an interim CEO when they were considering firing Bob Chapek.

The TikToker notes that the same board elected Mark Parker to be its next leading chair, and it’s incredibly likely that they will also elect him the next CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

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Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

At this point, Disney has not made any official announcements as to who will succeed Bob Iger. However, in the meanwhile, the current Disney CEO certainly has his work cut out for him.

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