Guest Shares Darth Vader Trumps Iron Man Meet ‘n’ Greet

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A Disney Park Guest recently expressed some disappointment at the Iron Man Meet ‘n’ Greet for being “awkward” despite the character being impressive.

Visiting a Disney Theme Park is one of the best experiences to get your taste of the Disney magic. Between the myriad rides and attractions that Guests can enjoy and the character interactions on offer, visiting any Disney Park is an experience worth writing home about. Whether visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort domestically or Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland among others internationally, every Park is an incredible place to take in the Disney experience.

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The Disney experience’s immersive nature is what makes it worth it for so many Guests, but sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned. One Disney Guest and Reddit user, u/sleeplessflamingo, shared how their character interaction at Disneyland Paris didn’t quite go as they wanted.

They started the conversation on Reddit,

Have you met iron man?

I’m interested to see what others think of the Ironman meet. To look at he is very impressive but it was the most awkward meet we’ve ever done. As adults it doesn’t matter, but my friend said she is so glad she didn’t have her son with her as she felt it would ruin the magic. There were huge long gaps between when you said something and then his response and he barely seemed to have any responses so it couldn’t even fit into the conversation. Darth Vader is so incredible, I don’t really understand why Iron man is like it! My friend felt her son would have “believed” up to about 5 but past 5 he would have realised iron man wasn’t responding properly, or for most of the time, at all! Wasn’t even like we were massively going off script for an avengers meet and greet either. Has anyone else met him? How did you find it? I find it so odd when characters like darth Vader respond so smoothly majority of the time and it feels like a conversation

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A Disney Guest with Iron Man at Disneyland Paris/Damon Smith

In the comments, many agreed with the OP’s read of the situation.

U/Ultrononline said, “I totally get what you’re saying. I still love both meet&greets, but the Darth Vader meet is definitely more memorable than Iron Man’s. When you meet Darth Vader there’s a story where you get interrogated by him. Since Darth Vader is really intimidating, especially the first time, you go along with the story. This is in my opinion one of the most immersive experiences you can have in the parks.”

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Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris/Disney Parks Blog

U/Killboypowerhed added, “It was the worst meet we had. It didn’t help that the photographer was also not talking to us much. When it’s a soundboard character the photographer needs to do the heavy lifting.”

It’s always a shame when a fan has a less-than-magical experience at the Parks for whatever reason, although this isn’t the first time fans in Disneyland Paris have reported a character interaction not going as they hoped.

The Marvel Avengers Campus is found in Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris as well as Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort. The land features characters and rides from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with attractions and rides like Avengers Assemble: Flight Force and Spider-Man: W.E.B. Adventure in Disneyland Paris, and Avengers Headquarters, WEB SLINGERS, and more in Disneyland California.

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