Tram Crash Leaves Disneyland Guests Sore and Angry

disneyland trams
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One Disneyland guest’s simple question revealed a distressing incident that happened on Sunday night, leaving many Disneyland visitors feeling disgruntled and leaving Disney’s guest relations in a temporary bind!

“Anyone know why the trams stopped running?” a Disneyland guest asked curiously in the Reddit post shown below.

An Ominous “Thud”

The Disneyland guest explained that they were “walking into world of Disney and heard quite a large thud from the tram area …. Looked but couldn’t really see anything from where we were.”

“When we got out, everyone was walking back to the parking structure,” the Disneyland visitor added. “Anyone know what happened?”

Anyone know why the trams stopped running? (Sunday night)
byu/hollywoodpunk inDisneyland

Apparently, the “large thud” was the sound of two Disneyland trams crashing into one another!

Trams are obviously not forms of transportation that move nearly as fast as a car on a highway (or as fast as a typical Disneyland thrill ride), but several Disneyland visitors reportedly left the crash site with a mix of minor injuries and bad moods.

“I’m at Disneyland,” one tram passenger Tweeted on Sunday night, “and now we have to walk to the car because two trams crashed.”

“Now My Back Hurts”

“All I know is I was on that tram, and now my back hurts,” the unhappy Disney guest added, “but I’ll settle it for an annual pass.”

Another social media user hopped onto Reddit to share their own view of the tram crash. “I saw the tram collide & it was frightening!,” the onlooker exclaimed. “I was under the impression that a child or children were struck since I witnessed children crying and a few people screaming.”

“I really hope people will have calmer nerves leading into the rest of their Disney-cation,” the Disney fan added somewhat optimistically.

Despite reports of “children crying” and “people screaming,” it seems like Disneyland guests’ aftereffects of the tram crash were mainly experienced in the form of bad moods instead.

disneyland trams

The Disneyland trams are a Disneyland parking feature that transports Disney theme park guests to the parking structures and saves them a walk! Credit: SFGate

A “Long” Walk

“@Disneyland well done,” one angry tram passenger Tweeted, complaining just like the aforementioned passenger had. “Trams crash and after a long day have to walk 20 min to car.”

This Disneyland visitor also added that Disney’s employees were not being “nice or helpful,” which certainly sounds out of character for Cast Members who specialize in guest relations!

There have been no formal reports or announcements about this tram crash from Disneyland, so it doesn’t look like the aggrieved passengers will be getting the Annual Passes or compensation that they were hoping for.

Thankfully, this tram crash seems like a mild incident that did not leave anyone seriously injured! Were you in Disneyland on Sunday, September 3? Did you hear or see this tram crash, and do you rely on trams in Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort as part of your Disney parking plans?

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