Here’s Exactly How to Be Belle From “Beauty and the Beast” For Halloween

Beauty and The Beast Live On Stage
Credit: Disney

If you’re struggling to pick a Halloween costume this year, there are plenty of more recent Disney-themed options. We’ve got the detailed and accurate tutorials for Emily Blunt’s character in the new Jungle Cruise movie, Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean, and all of the Halloween costume tutorials for the main characters in the live-action Cinderella ready for you to peruse! However, there’s also nothing wrong with a classic. If you’re in the mood to harken back to the past, then you can’t go wrong with a Disney princess (or prince, actually). Belle is one of the most recognizable ‘classic’ Disney princesses, and she’s the perfect choice if you want a costume that’s low-maintenance, comfortable, and pretty! Read on for our full guide to a Belle Halloween costume.

Belle Rose

Credit: Juliette Bell

If you’d like to avoid spending money on a yellow ballgown for just one night, then you might want to focus on Belle’s look when she still lives in her “quiet village”! To achieve this, all you need is clothing that’s blue and white. That’s it! A blue shirt with some white accents, a white shirt with a blue jean jacket, a blue dress, a white skirt–the options are practically endless. Next up is makeup and hair. We have a wonderful how-to for Belle’s exact makeup look here, as well as some suggestions on how to do her makeup for the ball if you’re feeling fancy!

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Emma Watson. Credit: Teen Vogue

If you’re aiming to emulate Emma Watson’s version of Belle in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie, then you only have to change your look a little bit. To look more like Emma Watson, you can follow the tutorial below, but you can also just do the makeup look we mentioned before with the addition of some fake freckles (we’ve got product suggestions for that in our Aurora Halloween costume tutorial here) and some subtle brow pencil to make your eyebrows look a little bit thicker. EM Cosmetics has a good one!

Belle’s hairstyles are typically very fuss-free, which is more good news for you! For her village look, a butterfly twist (like in Jackie Wyers’ videos below) is a great option. It’s a very easy way to make your low ponytail a little more fancy, and a blue ribbon will make it clear that this is a distinct Belle costume! For the ball, a half-updo with a low bun near the crown of your head and some gold ribbon is all that’s needed. Put on your outfit, secure your ribbon with some bobby pins, practice your singing with a vocal warmup, grab a book, and head out into “the great wide somewhere” for a night of fun! Bonus points if you make the effort to avoid everyone at the Halloween party by reading your book in the corner. We’re guessing that’s what Belle would do!

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