Is Disney Bringing a True Roller Coaster Attraction to Its Ships?

Disney cruise roller coaster
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Company made titanic-sized waves when it announced the purchase of a gigantic ship called the Global DreamĀ late last year. Since then, the company has shed some light on what to expect with the ship, including using Singapore as its home port. While much of this purchase still remains shrouded in mystery, one peculiar aspect stands out when researching the project. Most of the Global DreamĀ was already constructed before the Disney Cruise Line purchase, including a legit roller coaster for the ocean liner. Let’s dive into what we know about the attraction and speculate if Disney will keep it for their reimagining of the aquatic behemoth.

Disney Cruise Line Singapore

A Fully Functional Roller Coaster Attraction

The Global Dream cruise ship was shaping up to be an engineering marvel and poised to become one of the largest vessels ever crafted before its construction halted due to COVID. Unfortunately, Dream Cruises, a subsidiary company owned by Genting Group, went bankrupt during the pandemic, and the partially completed vessel sat dormant in the shipyard. Disney purchased the vessel late last year, meaning much of its intended amenities were also already created, including an actual roller coaster designed for use on the ship.

You can see the renderings of the Global Dream in the images below, including the roller coaster near the back of the cruise ship. It was called the Space Cruise and was fully functional before Disney acquired the vessel!

Dream Cruises partnered with Maurer Rides to construct the attraction, which was said to be the longest roller coaster at sea. Marco Hartwig, the project manager for the construction of the ride, once detailed exactly what to expect once the ship was in service:

Outfitted with powerful electric motors and positive-locking drive system, the coaster defies the physical limits experienced by conventional roller coasters, thus allowing acceleration over 1g almost everywhere on the 300-meter track. All this guarantees a spectacular and breathtaking ride at up to 60 km/h (37 mph) over the heads of fellow passengers.

You don’t even have to imagine the experience offered by the coaster, as footage of its test runs can be found in the Youtube video below from Ride Review.

The ride features a two-person cart that has the riders sit as if on a motorcycle. While not quite as intense as some offerings you can find in Walt Disney World or another Disney theme park, the attraction is pretty impressive for a cruise ship offering. Currently, Carnival Cruise Line is one of the only companies that offer a roller coaster at sea, making this an opportunity that Disney could use as an advantage for its reimagined vessel.

Will Disney Cruise Line Use the Roller Coaster?

Not much is known about Disney Cruise Line’s transformation plans for the Global Dream. All we really have to go on so far is an artistic interpretation that the company unveiled during the purchase announcement. You can see the rendering of the ship in the image below.

Disney cruise roller coaster

Credit: Disney

The image does not include the roller coaster, but this is not a definitive confirmation that Disney will not use it. The rendering does not give a clear view of the top deck or the back of the ship where the coaster is designed to be placed. This is also just a mock-up image and likely not the final product.

characters Disney cruise

Credit: Disney

Putting the roller coaster on this giant ship would be a huge opportunity for the entertainment company. Disney is known for their renowned theme parks, many of which include some fantastic roller coasters.

Disney Cruise Line has placed attractions on their cruise ships, such as the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The Disney Wish houses the newer AquaMouse ride. The company marketed this experience as “the first Disney attraction at sea,” but it wouldn’t hold a candle to a true roller coaster experience on the ocean.

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Until Disney Cruise Line sheds more light on their plans for the Global Dream, we can’t say with certainty what will happen with its intended roller coaster. We could not gather any information on whether the ride had been sold or deconstructed in the time since the ship ceased construction. However, imagine how much excitement Disney could generate if they took advantage of it. Until then, at least we have the upcoming Disney Treasure ship and Lighthouse Point island to keep us occupied!

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