Police Body Cam Reveals Violent Magic Kingdom Fight

Magic Kingdom fight body cam
Credit: copscam22 TikTok

It seems that, ever since the pandemic, guest behavior at Disney parks has reached new lows. Of course, there have always been issues between guests, which is to be somewhat expected after long days and long lines. But now, guests have almost no patience, and so many are thinking with their fists instead of their brains. Sometimes, it seems like not even a week can go by without someone showing footage of someone acting violent and foolish.

Disneyland Paris Parade Fight

Credit: Magic Moment News TikTok

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In a series of recently released clips from the Copscam22 TikTok account, police body cam video shows yet another fight breaking out in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. There is no available police report, so we don’t know when this fight broke out. But it appears to have happened as guests were leaving the Magic Kingdom during the nightly fireworks show.

Disney Fireworks

Credit: Disney

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In the first video, police can be seen running up to the melee, as one man holds another in the air and appears to move him back from the fight. The officer noted that there appeared to be four people involved in the brawl. Two female officers and one male officer get into the middle, repeatedly yelling to “break it up.” They also have to stop another woman from getting involved as both groups scream and curse at each other.

The police pull the men apart, and multiple people are placed in handcuffs. But that doesn’t stop them from yelling and swearing.

In the second video, one of the men detained is still shouting, and the officers place him in handcuffs. He asks to see his son, indicating that he has a small child with him. He continues to not cooperate with officers as they try to ask him what happened.

Magic Kingdom Fight

Credit: copscam22 TikTok

Suddenly, one of the female officers asks a woman if she just pinched her. The woman doesn’t deny it and says, “Well, give me his bag.” The officer tells her that they are in the middle of an investigation. She then tells the woman that she could be arrested for battery of an officer. The woman first says that she didn’t touch her, then admits that she did because the officer was pulling the man away.

Magic Kingdom fight

Credit: copscam22 TikTok

The video then cuts back to the angry man, who was refusing to talk at first. He then appears to say that he had paid for his brother’s family to come to Walt Disney World and the brother was being disrespectful. So, the fight was between family members.

In the third video, the police talk to several men who were involved in the fight. One man is released, since it was determined that he was simply trying to break up the fight, not contributing to it.

The police ended up saying that one man would be charged with “affray” and domestic battery. In the state of Florida, affray is defined as, “fighting, by mutual consent, with another person in a public place to the terror of the people.” Affray is considered a misdemeanor. Domestic battery could be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity of the battery.

Disney has a zero-tolerance policy for violence on its property. While it tries to have its own security breakup arguments before things escalate, sometimes the Orange County Sheriff’s Office must be called in.

We do not know what happened to the family in question, but there is a high probability that they were issued a trespass notice from the parks. That means that they are no longer welcome on any Disney property. They can attempt to appeal it, but with the violence they showed in front of innocent families and children, it is unlikely that Disney would hear it.

Have you ever witnessed a fight at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom many times and never would have expected to see a fight like this. It’s shocking to see how violent it got, even with police intervention. Hopefully, steps are being taken to improve security measures in the parks.

  2. WOW, I’m shocked to hear this happened at the Magic Kingdom! I’ve been to Disney World countless times, always expecting a magical experience. The thought of something like this happening is really disturbing. Did management address the situation or take any action against the individuals involved?

  3. I’ve always known that Magic Kingdom can get rowdy, but this is insane! Reminds me of the time we went to the park during peak season and it was like a war zone out there. Glad no one was seriously injured, though. Disney needs to step up their crowd control.

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