Fan Claims Parent Allegedly Bans Child From Going to Disney Parks

disney parent bans kids from disney world

It recently came to light that some parents were not allowing their children to go to Disney World allegedly due to its “diversity.”

Disney has come under fire for a lot recently. The Disney Parks—Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort— in particular, have been noted for being over-crowded, for their raised prices that many Guests have felt are unreasonable. While this isn’t on Disney per se, there has also been increased coverage of bad behavior from Guests at the Disney Parks.

disney characters magic kingdom

Disney Characters, Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

The Walt Disney Company has also been criticized for being too political or getting involved in politics by some fans and Cast Members who have protested about this. Many also feel like the Company is too “woke,” ostensibly in response to Disney’s attempts present diverse casting or stories.

Recently, one Disney fan recently took to Twitter to share that some friends of their mother were not letting their children go to Disney World or watch Disney content because the Walt Disney Company was now showing and promoting things “they don’t support.”

@hwrmny also went further, saying, “it’s not their fault ofc it’s jus[t] like why r u letting ur husband dictate that like if the kids wanna watch disney and wanna go to disney world u let the damn kid watch it.”

The user continued,

like if u rly care that much jus[t] don’t let them watch the specific things ur uncomfortable w u shouldn’t ban a kid from DISNEY of all things bc YOU don’t like it

main street usa magic kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Kingdom/Disney

This isn’t the only time parents have been under fire from Disney fans. In a different context, Disney fans slammed parents who were smacking their children in public at a Disney Park and demanded Disney take action for the same.

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This account, however, also comes on the back of many Disney Guests who feel like the Disney magic has gone, like Twitter user and Disney Guest Lenny, @L_Green1976, shared:

More and more fans are expressing their frustrations with the Disney Park experience, noting that they are “extremely disappointed.” There are many who feel like Disney no longer gives them the magic and experience they once had.

It’s important to note this is one person’s experience and is not representative of every fan’s feelings towards the Disney Parks and Disney+.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney-related news as it comes to light.

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