REVIEW: ‘Disenchanted’ Casts a Difficult Spell on Audiences


Anticipation has certainly been high for the very-long-awaited sequel to the fan-favorite Disney movie Enchanted, which is called Disenchanted and just premiered on the streaming service Disney+ on November 18.

Hollywood A-lister Amy Adams plays the Disney princess Giselle from Andalasia in the Disney movie, and almost every other cast member from the original movie was able to return despite the 14-year-delay in production.

The sequel was also delayed further when some bad feedback from test audiences  led to reshoots , but now the movie (which was filmed in Ireland, for the most part) is finally out in the world on Disney+!


Actress Amy Adams, who plays Giselle in ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Disenchanted’. Credit: Allure

Enchanted had already presented a world that was itching to be expanded, since its combination of Andalasia and New York City (and the relationship between fairy tale tropes that Disney fans love and the less-than-idyllic realities that we actually live in) was a powerful potion.

Disney fans were pleased to learn that moviemakers had not ignored that potential (even if it did take 14 years to really get the ball rolling), and the new movie is just as frothy-yet-engaging as its predecessor!


Credit: Disney

One of the best changes in this new addition to the world of Enchanted is, surprisingly, Amy Adam’s opportunity to show off her singing chops. The actress and performer sings a variety of solos in this movie, belting out big notes and demonstrating an impressive vibrato that fits power ballads (and villain songs) perfectly!

In the first Enchanted movie, we did see some of that talent being shown off, but not nearly enough — and clearly, Disney has rectified the situation in this sequel.


The movie stars Amy Adams, Gabriella Baldacchino, James Marsden, Idina Menzel, Patrick Dempsey, and Maya Rudolph. Credit: Disney

Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph is in her element as the villain Malvina Monroe, and the returns of James Marsden as Edward and Frozen star Idina Menzel as Nancy are real standouts in the film (with Idina Menzel being given the chance to sing in the film, which many Elsa enthusiasts will appreciate).

Newly-inaugurated Disney Legend Patrick Dempsey is back in his role as Robert, Princess Giselle’s husband, and he gets his own chance to shine in the film (even though Amy Adams inevitably takes the spotlight most of the time).


Credit: Disney

We also see a new portrayal of Giselle’s stepdaughter Morgan in the form of Gabriella Baldacchino, an actress who shows off her own abilities as a singer during the movie’s many musical numbers.

The dynamic between Morgan and Giselle is a particularly poignant part of the Disney film, and Morgan’s teen angst serves as a nice foil for Giselle’s unfailing optimism!

Overall, Disenchanted is a worthy follow-up to its beloved predecessor. The movie is fun, funny, and full of the kind of fairy tale tropes that some Disney fans will love to revisit and some Disney fans will love to mock.

There are also many more musical numbers, which will delight the music-loving members of the Disney Fanatic community — and this time, the actors truly get to show their talents in the area! Are you excited about Disenchanted?

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