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Which Non-Human Disney Character Is Your Spirit Animal?

Comparing yourself to Disney Princesses isn’t for everyone. But there is a Disney character for everyone to identify – they just might not be human! When thinking through our favorite cuddly Disney stars, there were almost too many beloved ones to narrow down our choices. Which classic Disney character is totally your spirit animal? Just take the quiz to find ...

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8 Inscrutable Requirements For Being a Character At Walt Disney World


Becoming a Disney character at one of the parks is something a lot people dream about becoming. You’d have the chance to dress up and make lots of children happy every day. However, in becoming a character Cast Member, you’d have to abide by some pretty strict requirements. 8. Height There are height restrictions on all Disney characters. You may ...

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10 Signs You Might be Metamorphasizing into a Disney Character

Disney Hairstyle

Have you been spending all your days watching Disney movies, shopping at the Disney Store, or planning your next Disney vacation? If you have, you may not know it yet, but you may be changing into a Disney character yourself! But don’t worry, there’s no need call a doctor; this is natural for us Disney fanatics. But just for precautionary ...

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