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10 Disney Guest Habits That Really Bug Us

Cinderella Castle Day

10. Pushing the Boundaries with Cast Members. Cast members are a great resource at Walt Disney World and are always happy to assist guests in any way possible. Walt Disney World policies, procedures and rules exists to ensure all guests have a fun and safe vacation. It is super irritating to see a guest disrespecting the park and cast members ...

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10 Things We Hate Seeing People Do At Magic Kingdom


We all visit the Walt Disney World Resort for one reason; to have fun! Disney allows us to forget about the real world and escape to a place where families bond and live through pure magic. There are some unfortunate times where guests can turn our smiles upside down with the things that they do. Here are ten things we ...

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9 Shocking Things That Have Happened At Disney World

Cinderella's Castle _ shocking Disney Stories

Disney World is one of the coolest places on Earth to visit. Crowds of people roll in there day after day for fun and adventure. Mixed in those crowds are a few bizarre people that choose to do shocking things. They are a small percentage of the visitors but can create some strange situations. Most people know how to act ...

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