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Disney Drops Major Hint at an All-New Character Coming to Walt Disney World

Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel (left) and John Leguizamo

The most forbidden family member in Disney history is also the subject of a Grammy-winning song‚ÄĒand he might find a new home in Disney Parks, according to a recent Disney casting call. When 2021’s highest-grossing animated film, Encanto, swept through the theaters and houses of millions of Disney fans, they entered Madrigal Casita. With a shapeshifting Casita home to enchanted ...

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New Character Additions, Replacements Confirmed for Disney Resort

Disney World Character Meet and Greets

A character meet and greet shake-up is about to go down at the Walt Disney World Resort, with new characters coming in and other getting removed. On Wednesday, March 15, Disney World confirmed several Character-based changes to its Parks, including the return of Figment and the addition of Moana, and Mirabel Madrigal. “Beginning April 22, Moana will greet fellow voyagers ...

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EPCOT Adds More Breakfast to the World Showcase

encanto EPCOT breakfast

Attention early birds! If you’re a frequent Walt Disney World Resort Guest who has always wanted more breakfast options in the World Showcase found in the Disney Park EPCOT, then you’re in luck! EPCOT has added some easy on-the-go breakfast menu items to Isla Fresca, and the menu items also have a distinct Encanto theme for any fans of the ...

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‘Encanto’ and ‘Animal Crossing’ Merge in This Fanmade Video

It’s no secret that a love for the Golden Globe award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto¬†has been taking the community of Disney fans by storm ever since it premiered in November, and that love for the Madrigal family from¬†Encanto¬†is still going strong! One surprising fan favorite from the movie, “strong one” Luisa Madrigal, has received a lot of love from ...

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Director of ‘Encanto’ Confirms Fan Theory, Hints at Possibility of a Sequel

The latest hit from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Encanto (2021) has taken Disney fans by storm leading to the film becoming one of the most rewatched titles on Disney+, spawning a number of social media trends based on the movie’s soundtrack, and even sparking conversations about a sequel or place within Walt Disney World theme parks. Recently, Encanto director Jared ...

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Stephanie Beatriz Recorded Her ‘Encanto’ Solo During Labor

stephanie beatriz encanto

Many voice actors need to have a certain level of commitment in order to do things like record scripted movie dialogue from homemade recording booths during a pandemic — but Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Mirabel Madrigal in the Golden Globe award-winning Disney movie Encanto, was actually secretly in the process of literally having a baby while she ...

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Which ‘Encanto’ Character Are You? Find Out With This Instagram Effect


Even though the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto premiered in November in theaters and was released on Disney+ on Christmas Eve, this Golden Globe award-winning and Oscar-nominated animated movie about the magical Madrigal family is still going strong when it comes to its fanbase — and now, you can try a fun new Instagram effect called “Who Are You? Encanto” ...

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Aladdin’s Iago Performs “The Family Madrigal” from ‘Encanto’

Even though the plotline and animation of Encanto¬†has been winning both awards and fans’ approval since its premiere in November, the Walt Disney Animation Studio animated movie has received most of its praise or hype for its music — and now one Disney character is channeling Mirabel Madrigal from an entirely different Disney musical! Don Darryl Rivera, the Broadway actor ...

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Will “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Become a Dark Ride?

Dolores Mirabel and Bruno Encanto

The most popular original song from the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto is without a doubt “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, an original song by Lin-Manuel Miranda in which the Madrigal family sings to Mirabel Madrigal about her mysterious uncle (whose magical powers allow him to see the future)– and ironically, everyone is talking about Bruno despite the song’s ...

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