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New Mobile Card Designs & Payment Features Added to Disney MagicMobile

Disney MagicMobile

Your smart phone is probably one of the most useful items in your Disney parks bag, especially with Disney MagicMobile which essentially allows your phone (or Apple Watch) to function as a MagicBand or theme park ticket. Disney MagicMobile (which is housed within the My Disney Experience app) gives Guests easy, convenient and contactless ways to experience a number of ...

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Gender Neutral Prefix Option is Now Available on My Disney Experience

Walt Disney World has been introducing new ways to make the resort more inclusive for both Guests and Cast Members since Inclusivity was introduced as the fifth Key to a Great Guest Experience. Following past updates, such as allowing Cast Members to have tattoos and nail polish visible while working, and allowing for gender neutral housing options in the Disney ...

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You Can Now Send Cast Member Compliments in the My Disney Experience App!

The magic that makes a Walt Disney World vacation truly special really does come from its Cast Members! Disney Cast Members work incredibly hard to create happiness every day so you can have memories that last a lifetime, and we always recommend leaving a compliment for them whenever you can so their efforts can be recognized. Now Disney has made ...

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Things You Absolutely Must Know About The My Disney Experience App

Disney is always looking for ways to make a trip to their parks more fun and easier to plan. Thanks to the My Disney Experience App, guests can have more control over their Disney vacations, stay more organized, and make sure they get the most out of their time spent on property. The free app is available for iPhone, iPad ...

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8 Frequent Planning Errors Rookies Make at Disney World

By planning ahead of time for your next, or first, Disney World vacation, you’re already on the right track to having a memorable trip. However, knowing how to plan and what to avoid can mean the difference between a stress-free vacation and a crazy, hectic one. Here are a few frequent errors that are made during the planning stages of ...

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3 Ways Extreme Planners Rule Disney World

Think you can just “Wing It” on your next trip to Walt Disney World… think again. 3 ways extreme planners rule Walt Disney World. Even just a few years ago booking a vacation to Walt Disney World required little advanced planning aside from making dinner reservations. These days, there are so many ways to customize your stay at Disney that ...

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7 Tips For Having The Best Disney Vacation Ever!

Cinderella's Castle And Balloons

Everyone wants to have the best Disney vacation ever. I just spent a week there with my entire family celebrating my 50th birthday. You would think that would be enough but not this Disney fan. I went back two weeks later with just my sister. I have been going since the 70’s and every trip can be as magical as ...

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4 Tips To Conquer Disney’s 4 Parks in 4 Days!

Magic Kingdom

There is no magic formula to enjoying the four Disney World theme parks. Some come to Disney to experience rides. Other may come to enjoy the sights and enjoy the delicious food that the parks have to offer. While it may seem daunting to attempt to cover all four parks in four days, these four tips will help you accomplish ...

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Top 10 Packing Guide for Disney Rookies

Disney Suitcase

Congratulations – you’re making your first trip to Walt Disney World!  It won’t be an inexpensive venture, and it might not be the most relaxing vacation, but it will be fun and magical – if you’ve packed the right items and expectations. 1. Pack your “must‐do” plan. Use My Disney Experience before leaving home to choose FastPasses for the attractions on ...

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17 Rookie Mistakes When Visiting Disney World

Balloons Magic Kingdom

I know the excitement that comes with planning a trip to Disney. I still get excited with every trip I plan, even if I am planning my one while I am there. Take some tips from the pro’s and you too, can avoid some of the following rookie mistakes. 17. Failure to plan – I cannot stress this enough. You ...

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