Two of a Kind: Disney Resort Twins Around the World

It’s true that no two Disney Resort hotels are exactly the same, and each one packs its very own exclusive originality. But that doesn’t mean we never see similar installments across the board. Just as twin attractions can be found within different Disney Parks, there are a couple of accommodations by Disney that may have you doing a double-take when compared side by side. We’re taking a look at three Walt Disney World Resorts that have twins at other Disney Resorts around the world.

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Disney’s Grand Floridian and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

While the notable Grand Floridian Resort & Spa of Walt Disney World is comparable in status and stateliness to Disneyland’s famed Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the two resorts do have noticeable differences in theming, décor, and motif. However, over at Hong Kong Disneyland, their official Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel may just serve as the closest thing to the Grand Floridian having a twin sister.

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Both resorts bear a striking resemblance to one another, with their classic Victorian-style theming, red rooftops, and charming white buildings. They’re also both situated along coastlines, with the Grand Floridian overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon and the Hong Kong Disneyland being situated along the South China Sea. And in regards to their proximity to park attractions, the Grand Floridian is just a monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom, whereas Hong Kong Disneyland Guests are just steps from the park, with a private access gateway all their own.  

Disney's Grand Floridian
(Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa) Credit: D23


Both resorts offer a host of onsite amenities and recreations for their Guests. From on-property shopping and dining to serving as the site for stellar spa services (when available) and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Each one also boasts its very own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for children, along with plentiful resort-wide recreations, including sports courts and everyone’s favorite—swimming pools. The lavishly lively Beach Pool at the Grand Floridian and the more docile Courtyard Pool are both popular with all Guests. Hong Kong Disneyland features both a lively outdoor pool as well as a leisure pool located indoors.

The Grand Floridian Resort is also highlighted by its many marina-based pastimes as well, including boat rentals, fishing, and other endeavors. One of Hong Kong Disneyland’s uniquely exclusive attractions is their Mickey Maze, located right on the grounds. Modeled after traditional English garden mazes, it’s a fun way to get lost in the magic of Disney.

Hong Kong Disney Hotel
(Hong Kong Disney Hotel) Credit: Disney

Also, because both the Grand Floridian and Hong Kong Disneyland are designated Disney Vacation Club resorts, there are extra Club Level perks available for Guests to delight in, for an additional fee. And it also goes without saying that both resorts feature various different room types as well, from standard to larger suites, and even villa accommodations at the Grand Floridian.

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Each resort presents phenomenal onsite food options. Perhaps you are already familiar with the well-known staples of the Grand Floridian, which include Citricos, Narcoossee’s, Gasparilla Grill, Grand Floridian Café, Garden View Tea Room, and various lounges along with the still-closed Victoria & Albert’s and 1900 Park Fare. Hong Kong Disneyland features their Enchanted Garden Restaurant—a character buffet comparable to the aforementioned 1900 Park Fare, Walt’s Café, the traditional Chinese upscale offerings of Crystal Lotus, and Sea Breeze Bar.

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Disney’s Grand Floridian opened in 1988. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which opened in 2005, was admittedly inspired by it as well as the Disneyland Hotel in Paris.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, in Walt Disney World Resort, has been long associated with being the sister to Disney’s Beach Club Resort. They are so synonymous, in fact, that they are often referred to as one resort. This is largely due to the fact that they share adjoining properties, resort amenities, and follow a New England coastal motif. But even with the similar theming, their specific styles do go off on other tangents. And that is why Disney’s Newport Bay Club, over in Disneyland Paris, makes for a far more accurate twin to the Yacht Club by comparison.

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Not only is the structure and overall design pattern for both these resorts nearly identical, but they are both the masterful works of noted architect Robert A. M. Stern. Built to reflect upon the old-time stately seaside mansions of the New England lakeside, the elemental accents work well with the motif both outside as well as inside, within the lobby and guest rooms accordingly. And it goes without saying that both are set along a coastline, with the Yacht Club facing Crescent Lake and Newport Bay Club situated on Lake Disney.

Disney's Yacht Club
(Disney’s Yacht Club Resort) Credit: Disney


Both the Yacht Club and Newport Bay Club feature a broad range of onsite perks and amenities for Guests. From world-class fitness centers and spa services to awesome shopping, not to mention all the recreational pursuits one can get into here. And again, swimming is a big deal at both, with the Yacht Club boasting three leisure pools in addition to their stellar 3-acre Stormalong Bay, which features a waterpark, and other watery wonders in one. Newport Bay Club also has plenty to celebrate as well with their Nantucket Pool and both outdoor as well as indoor options to make a splash.

Another unique tidbit is that both resorts are within walking distance of their designated area parks. At Disney’s Yacht Club, you really could actually walk to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, if you so choose. It also happens to be on the line for the Disney Skyliner and is also very nearby Disney’s renowned Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf.

Because both resorts are Disney Vacation Club properties, Club Level services are also available for those looking to add on even more magical perks during their resort stay. And as always, nice nautical room accommodations vary across the board, with options ranging from standard rooms to more elaborate suites.

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Many of the delectable dining options to delight in are comparable at both resorts. However, with Disney’s Yacht Club adjoining its grounds with the Beach Club, some options that are available all-inclusively at the Newport Bay Club are spread out along the grounds of both Disney World resorts. Fans of the Yacht Club’s Yachtsman Steakhouse will undoubtedly find delight in Newport Bay Club’s Yacht Club Restaurant. Likewise, the Beach Club’s famous Cape May Buffet is comparable to Newport Bay’s all-you-can-eat Cape Cod. Other restaurants at Newport Bay include their Captain’s Quarters Bar and Compass Lounge—exclusive to Compass Club Guests.

Newport Bay Club
(Newport Bay Club Resort) Credit: Disney

Disney’s Yacht Club was built in 1990 at Walt Disney World Resort. Disneyland Paris followed suit two years later in opening their Newport Bay Club.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Grand Californian

We started out with a look at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Disney World and discussed how its stately status is of equivalent ranking to Disneyland California’s own Grand Californian, yet the two resorts follow very separate theming. And while we already presented the former’s nearly identical twin in Hong Kong, now we will now reveal Grand Californian’s true Disney World double. It is, none other than the Wilderness Lodge Resort.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge
(Disney’s Wilderness Lodge) Credit: Disney


Both Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa boast an abundance of bucolic beauty into their very similar themes—those which emulate the turn-of-the-century spirit of the Northwest and country’s National Parks. Not only are both resorts all about celebrating and appreciating natural beauty, but they follow the same format in design, décor, and architectural structure, from the lobby to the exterior presentation, inside and out.


You’ll find the same resort-wide staples here as you would at other Disney resorts we’ve profiled, including onsite shopping, dining, full-service fitness centers/health clubs, and a range of recreations. This once again means swimming, of course, with the Wilderness Lodge proudly sporting both their Copper Creek Springs and Boulder Ridge Cove pools. The Grand Californian has three delightful options—The Mariposa, Fountain, and Redwood.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
(Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa) Credit: Disney

Even though it is considered a Magic Kingdom Area Resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is considerably further from the park than the other resorts of this designation. The Grand Californian, by contrast, is so close to Disney California Adventure Park, Guests have their own exclusive entry straight into the park. They also boast more onsite spa services in comparison to Wilderness Lodge, which gets by with a wonderful array of salon services.

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Again, both are considered Deluxe Resorts, part of the Disney Vacation Club. That means Club Level services are available here. And as is the case once again, room options range from standard to suites, and even villas.


Both resorts offer up several stellar spots to eat. Notable options for the Wilderness Lodge include Whispering Canyon Café, Geyser Point Bar & Grill, Roaring Fork, and Territory Lounge. But their highest rated experience is undoubtedly Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White—a character dining experience like no other. Grand Californian presents all-you-can-eat offerings at Storytellers Café along with providing for other versatile options with Napa Rose, Hearthstone Lounge, and GCH Craftsman Grill.

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge opened at Walt Disney World Resort back in 1994. The Grand Californian came much later in 2001 as part of a major Disneyland expansion.

Disney is bound to share magical experiences across the board at more than one Disney location throughout the world. That’s just to be expected. Even so, each magical experience proves to be entirely unique, regardless of its inspirations and influences. All the same, it’s comforting to know that some of your favorite Disney World-based resorts have twins in other Disney locations, in the event that you are ever traveling and looking for something familiar and assuring.

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