10 Tantalizing Picks for Casual Valentine’s Day Dining at Disney World

Tutto Italia
Credit: Disney

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an over-blown, expensive affair. If you’re already celebrating the event at Walt Disney World Resort, that’s celebration enough. So perhaps you and your honey want to take the day as it comes without all the planning and fancy fanfare.

Even so, you probably want to enjoy a decent meal at some point in the day. But where can you go that’s not too high-end, doesn’t make you dress up, and won’t break your budget yet still boasts some outstanding offerings? We have 10 tantalizing recommendations just for you.

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10. AMC Disney Springs Dine-In Theatres

It’s a classic date night scenario: dinner and a movie. And thanks to AMC Disney Springs Dine-In Theatres, they’ve revised that concept and taken it to the next level with an enhanced dinner and movie combo experience. Now it’s easy for moviegoers to come out, enjoy a great flick together, and delight in a full meal rather than munching solely on those casual concessions.

So, if you and your honey were planning to head on over to the movies and grab a bite to eat either before or after, this option makes things a whole lot easier.

AMC Theatre in Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

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9. Sanaa

While watching movies is always entertaining, perhaps you’d like to feast your eyes on some real-life sights and visions that gear more towards the wild side. That’s why this table service suggestion, on location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas — Kidani Village, is one of our top recommendations.

Enjoy an array of appetizing entrées highlighting the very best in African and Indian-inspired cuisine. And with the large floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding you all throughout the restaurant, you’ll be overlooking the lush savannas with its abundant animal residents roaming right beside you. These breathtaking views are beyond compare!

Credit Disney

8. Yak & Yeti

You get to see many exotic creatures by dining at Sanaa, but one you will not find there is the elusive yeti of legend. We’re not promising that you will see an actual yeti at Yak and Yeti, though. But we can promise you a very enjoyable table service meal in a wonderfully themed restaurant within Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

While often underrated, this delightful hidden gem on the Disney dining scene dishes up a host of mouthwatering Asian-fusion inspired entrées, all flavorful and truly unique. For its price range and what you get in the way of your meal, you can’t go wrong with this ultimate date night pick.

Yak & Yeti

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7. Rose & Crown Dining Room

With “rose” already in the name, you can skip the flowers and other fancy follies because this crowning favorite over in EPCOT’s United Kingdom Pavilion does just fine in redeeming itself with romantic potential. It’s really a place for everyone — families, couples, singles, etc.

But there’s just something about the elegant charm it emits that makes you want to head there for a casual date. And the menu speaks for itself, offering up fine regal favorites inspired by the best of British cuisine. And you can get a wide range of lavish libations here as well, perfectly paired with whichever meal fixing you choose to go with.

6. The Edison

Disney Springs is known for its many elaborately-themed venues built to resemble the remnants of a bygone era that have since been repurposed and given new life. And on that note, if you and your love want to have a truly electrifying experience to build up your chemistry a bit, you should consider heading to The Edison.

The former power plant motif works well in making the themed experience a truly enjoyable undertaking, but it’s the edible elements in the equation that really make this a top recommendation for an impromptu date of sorts. Whether you come in during the day or night, it’s always a blast. But if you do decide to come in later, you’re in for a treat with live entertainment and some awesome drinks to dive into.

The Edison
Credit: The Edison

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5. Tutto Italia Ristorante / Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

If you like traditional Italian then here’s a recommendation that’s twice as nice. Located over in EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion, both of these adjoining sister establishments offer up exceptional experiences in fine wining and dining without breaking the bank. First there’s Tutto Italia, which offers a full menu of classic Italian cuisine highlights from an award-winning chef in a charming, old-world decorated setup full of murals and more.

But for those looking for a more exoteric dining experience, paired more with wine tastings, then Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar may be just the thing you’re looking for. This more private spot, modeled after a vintage wine cellar, intimately hosts just 96 diners at a time.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar
Credit: Disney

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4. San Angel Inn Restaurante

This unique restaurant, housed within EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion’s iconic pyramid structure, is an absolute must-do for so many guests. The overall stunning ambiance, which includes a perpetual evening setting, a dining vantage point overlooking the water, and that prominent pyramid in the distance, creates an optimal experience for diners on so many different levels. What’s more, the exceptional, mouthwatering Mexican-inspired meals you can delight in here are surprisingly budget-friendly for what you get.

You can’t beat that, especially when paired with the other adjoining onside experiences sure to elevate your date. These include checking out the marketplace and even taking what may be for some a romantic boat ride via the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction.

Mexico Pavilion
Credit: Disney

3. Wine Bar George

Located at Disney Springs, here you get to indulge in the award-winning workings of Master Sommelier George Miliotes in a wine and dine experience that’s surprisingly affordable to pursue. Aside from the presentation of more than 140 wines (which are offered by the glass, bottle, and ounce) you will be treated to a delectable array of accompanying culinary components, from lighter bites to full-plated entrées that come available in numerous different formats and offerings.

Master Sommelier George Miliotes
Credit: Wine Bar George

2. Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Largo

This scenic spot, located onsite at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, opens nightly for a breathtaking, open-air, on-the-water dining experience that’s beyond compare. Unlike other waterfront options that carry the signature dining brand, like Narcoossee’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian and Paddlefish in Disney Springs, this epicurean excursion stands out from the others because it is surprisingly affordable and does not detract from quality or standard despite lacking an official “signature” status. And you would never even know it from its phenomenal menu selections and overall romantic ambiance.

Three Bridges
Credit: Disney

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1. Tony’s Town Square

We couldn’t leave this one off the list for romantic dinner date alternatives. It does, after all, epitomize one of Disney’s most doggone romantic film productions of all time—Lady and the Tramp. You see evidence of this in the very telling décor, including the central fountain showcasing the likeness of the title puppy lovers. And given the fact that the menu showcases mainly Italian cuisine classics, those looking to relive that iconic spaghetti scene from the film can happily do so.

What’s more, because it is located right in the heart of Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom Park, this is also just about one of the most convenient dining destinations you can opt for!

Lady and the Tramp Fountain

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Everyone has their own personal tastes and interests, so the list for potential dining options may vary greatly from one couple to the next. Where you plan to spend your day may also factor into your initial decisions on where to dine along with the time of day you choose to do so. Disney offers up so many unique options to consider. And like we said earlier, just the fact that you are spending the most romantic day at the most magical place on Earth should be more than enough.

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