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Sharon is a writer and animal lover from New England. Sharon's two main focuses in her work are Disney's correlations with pop culture and the significance of Disney princesses (which was the basis for her college thesis). When she's not writing about Disney, Sharon spends her time singing, dancing, and cavorting with woodland creatures!

Marvel Unleashes a Teaser for “What If”‘s Episode Three

what if

The new show “What If” from Marvel Studios has served as a unique take on what we’ve come to expect from the Marvel cinematic universe and its standard superheroes. So far, there have been two episodes (one featuring Agent Carter, and one featuring T’Challa) with twists on the previously-released film storylines. Now, episode three is coming up tomorrow, and Marvel ...

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Club Cool’s New Look Is Revealed by a Disney Imagineer

Disney is always updating their offerings, and sometimes that comes to the chagrin of their fans. When Epcot’s popular Club Cool (a shop featuring different flavors of Coca Cola from around the world) was closed during the construction of Future World, Walt Disney World Guests were pleased to learn that the establishment would actually be getting an upgrade in the ...

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Disney Cruise Lines Require Vaccines For Ages 12 and Up

Disney Cruise

With the current COVID-19 pandemic continuing and worsening, Disney has just expanded its safety measures by requiring vaccinations for anyone 12 and up who wants to go on its cruises. The Disney Cruise Line announcement was shared by Ashley Carter today, with the following information attached: Ashley Carter accompanied the image with the following Tweet: “In response to the latest ...

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Reactions to Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home Trailer


As with any Marvel movie or Avengers installment, the newest Spider-man film has been eagerly awaited by fans. Now, a trailer for the upcoming movie has been released–and since the previous film ended in a massive cliffhanger preceded by an epic plot twist, viewers have been all the more eager to see what happens next. They aren’t likely to be ...

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Cinderella Stars in Day Two of World Princess Week

Just yesterday, Disney’s World Princess Week began. This “Ultimate Princess Celebration” features a different princess each day throughout this week: yesterday was Tiana, and today is Cinderella. Since this is an international event, Cinderella-specific events and offerings will be available at different Disney resorts around the world! In Disney World, Cinderella’s castle is sporting a new gold crest on its ...

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Disney Releases New “Magic Key” Information

California residents most likely find traveling to Disneyland more accessible than Walt Disney World–and it’s about to get even more so for them, with the upcoming release of Disney’s new Magic Key program for Disneyland locations. The Dream, Believe, Enchant, and Imagine Keys are four different Magic Key Passes for frequent Disneyland Guests, with the Imagine Key being the lowest ...

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The Disney “Kingdom Keepers” Author Has A New Cover Reveal

For the average Disney fan, the prospect of an empty Disney park is always tempting. Ridley Pearson capitalized on this idea in 2005, creating an intricate behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney World through the guise of a thrilling, action-packed adventure series–and now he’s back with more, including the cover reveal of the series’ latest installment, shown above! Even though Pearson ...

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A Special Disney Princess Event Begins

For some people, today is just August 23rd. For anyone who loves Disney, plucky heroines, or flouncy dresses, it’s the start of World Princess Week! This week is part of Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, an event that purportedly begins with a “a 7-day celebration of the Disney Princesses, Frozen Queens and the courage & kindness they bring to the world”. Each day ...

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Disney Reveals New Updates for its “Princess and the Frog” Attraction

In 2020, it was announced that Disney was replacing the ever-popular Splash Mountain attraction with a “Princess and the Frog”-inspired ride, thereby swapping out the old for the new. While this news instigated a number of varying reactions from Disney fans, updates on the attraction’s development were few and far between. But now, Disney has just released some more tidbits ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Date Activities at Disney World

France Pavilion, EPCOT

If you ask the average Disney-goer, he or she will probably acknowledge that there’s a magical quality to every Disney World experience. However, one of Disney’s most potent magical attributes is romance! Romances–both old and new–permeate Disney’s stories, songs, and culture. Whether you’ve gotten married at Disney World with the help of Disney Weddings, visited each year for your anniversaries, ...

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