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Sharon is a writer and animal lover from New England. Sharon's two main focuses in her work are Disney's correlations with pop culture and the significance of Disney princesses (which was the basis for her college thesis). When she's not writing about Disney, Sharon spends her time singing, dancing, and cavorting with woodland creatures!

Disney’s Bookworm Gets A Big Moment in World Princess Week

We already had a hunch about who Saturday’s honored Disney princess was going to be for World Princess Week, since there was a hint released yesterday during Mulan’s day, and we were correct! Today’s special princess is “The Beauty and The Beast”‘s Belle, the ingenue from France who willingly becomes a captive for a cursed Beast in his castle after ...

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Mulan Takes Center Stage In World Princess Week

Courage has been one of the two major focuses for Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration and international World Princess Week (with the other being kindness), and Friday’s honored princess certainly has courage in spades. Mulan, the strong young woman who disguised herself as a man to enter the army and save China, and who became a “legendary warrior“, was celebrated with ...

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A Preview of Disney’s Newest Restaurant’s Menu is Revealed

Disney never disappoints when it comes to food, particularly in Epcot, so Walt Disney World’s upcoming French restaurant is eagerly awaited by many Disney Guests and foodies! The name of the restaurant is La Crêperie de Paris, and it will be “a traditional crêperie…inspired by the Brittany region of France”. This restaurant is focusing on galettes and dessert crêpes, as ...

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Is Doctor Strange Secretly Elsa?

Marvel Studios released the teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated movie “Spider-man: No Way Home” earlier this week, and while reactions to the trailer were overwhelmingly positive, some reactions were completely unexpected. Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe and fans of Disney princesses have connected Doctor Strange, the Marvel superhero who becomes Spider-man’s mentor in the new movie, with Elsa from ...

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Ariel Goes Under the Sea For World Princess Week

We’ve been tracking World Princess Week and its honorees all week long, and today’s star is the Little Mermaid! Disney resorts around the world are celebrating this spunky mermaid’s “unflappable spirit” with special offerings and events. The classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, about a mermaid (Ariel) who longs to be human, falls in love with a prince (Prince Eric), ...

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Moana Steps Up For World Princess Week

Each day of World Princess Week has featured a different Disney princess so far, and today it’s Moana! With everything from a TikTok event to signature desserts, this seafaring princess is in the spotlight, and we’ve got all the details of her celebration. This week is all about focusing on courage and kindness, which Moana has in spades, and she’s ...

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Eragon Comes to Disney+, But Fans Want More

For fans of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, the Inheritance Cycle series was a welcome fantasy series back in 2001 when Christopher Paolini (a fifteen-year-old) first self-published it. The first book, Eragon, tells the tale of the protagonist, his dragon Saphira, his mentor Brom, and their quest to make Eragon a Dragon Rider in the face of obstacles ...

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Marvel’s “Wandavision” Villain Enters the Spotlight Again


Marvel has released several standalone series on Disney+ over the past year, including “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “Loki“. However, it was the “Wandavision” series that arguably created the most questions during its release, and that show’s surprise antagonist, Agatha, seems to be getting more attention from Disney. Scott Gustin reported on Twitter that Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash ...

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Marvel Unleashes a Teaser for “What If”‘s Episode Three

what if

The new show “What If” from Marvel Studios has served as a unique take on what we’ve come to expect from the Marvel cinematic universe and its standard superheroes. So far, there have been two episodes (one featuring Agent Carter, and one featuring T’Challa) with twists on the previously-released film storylines. Now, episode three is coming up tomorrow, and Marvel ...

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