Hey Iger, Bring Back Disney’s Magical Express

Disney's Magical Express
Credit: Disney

It’s been more than 400+ days since Bob Iger took back the reins as CEO of the Walt Disney Company from Bob Chapek.

He’s been doing a little house cleaning since then and trying to bring the Disney Company back into the black. But for those of us who are theme park guests, the changes have been a little light.

Bring Back Magical Express

Credit: Disney

We got big announcements on new Toy Story, Frozen, and Zootopia movies. You’ve broken down the company into three units. A form of the Disney Dining Plan has returned. And select guests once again have freedom from the dreaded Disney Park reservation system.

But what about those of us who come from far and wide to visit Walt Disney World?

Sure, Iger gave us free parking back when we stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort, but that’s not really what we all want, is it? It’s nice to have free parking, but if you’re coming from out of town, that requires a rental car, which is a whole other set of issues that we’ll get into in a second.

Bob, may I call you Bob? No, okay, Mr. Iger, what we want and need is Disney’s Magical Express back.

Bring Back Magical Express

Credit: DVC Shop

You have to understand how great that was. You’d get off the plane after coming from somewhere cold, and you’d be in the sun and warmth of Orlando. Baggage, no. It was taken care of for you.

You didn’t have to wait around the turnstile for it to come out. A Cast Member made sure it would magically show up in your room later that day.

All you had to do was head straight to the basement of Orlando Airport and jump right on Disney’s Magical Express.

The introductory videos started to play, and you were on your way to the Walt Disney World Resort. It was a glorious experience. There was no hassle; it was perfect.

And when it was time to head home, the Magical Express picked you up in front of your Disney Hotel and whisked you away to the airport. They even put on a video to show you how to start planning your next trip to Disney because isn’t that what we’re all doing on the way home anyway?

Bring Back Magical Express

Credit: Orlando International Airport/MCO

And now, it’s anything but perfect.

The airport is just awful. You must deal with your baggage and then find your way to Disney World. Last time around, it took me two hours just to rent a car. Terrible.

If you land in Terminal C at Orlando Airport, the rental cars are in Terminal B. No more quick-moving tram to get you between terminals.

You have to take a “shuttle bus” between terminals. It’s more like someone stole their mom’s old Dodge Caravan (ask your parents) and is transporting people around the airport.

I’m on vacation, Iger. I don’t want to deal with these things. I want to get to my Disney Resort and relax. I want to get in the pool.

Perhaps I could put it into terms that you would better understand? If I’m forced to rent a car, I can leave Disney Property. If I leave, I’m not spending all my money on your stuff.

I can go to Target and get a case of water for what you charge for a bottle. If you hook us back up with the Magical Express, I’m stuck with you. I have to eat all my meals, buy souvenirs, and get my toiletries at your hiked-up prices.

And don’t tell me you’ve got a train coming soon. I’d still have to take a bus to my Resort. This isn’t planes, trains, and automobiles.

I don’t have to try out all modes of transportation to get to my room. And I don’t want to hear about your Mears buses. It’s not the same, and you know that.

Bring Back Magical Express

Credit: Brightline

Now, Bob, we’re on that level; I’m not asking for a handout. If you want to throw in an extra surcharge, I’m okay with that. I’m just at my breaking point now with this airport thing, and I need you to help me out.

How about this? It was Chapek’s idea to get rid of them. That should move the needle a little, right?

I know you’re thinking about another price hike somewhere in the back of your mind. I’ll even let that go for this.

So, what do you say, Iger? Do we have a deal?

I’ll take your silence as a “yes.”

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  1. You forgot to impress on Iger how bringing bad the Magical Express will help with his and Disney’s woke grooming agents. That will get him moving.

  2. I agree 100% Thank you for expressing how we all feel

  3. @Bob:
    Friend, u DO understand no normal, well-adjusted person even thinks in such terms, right?
    It’s painfully obvious you’re doing that “projection”📽 thing here.
    Please seek help, before you wind up doing something that’ll get you on lists you rly don’t want to be on.
    We want you, and everyone around you, to stay safe.

  4. The best part of Magical Express was the baggage handling. I don’t mind the bus says Mears on the side but the baggage is a pain, especially if you are old. MCO is a mess, take an elevator down to get bag, go back up to get to the other side, another Elevator down, all with your bags. Porters are hard/impossible to find. I would gladly pay the Mears fees to Disney or Mears if they handled the bags the old way.

  5. Disney found a way to cut their costs and did a great disservice to their guests at the same time. How much is Disney losing by guests going off property in rental cars that they wouldn’t need if the Magical Express was still operating. What happened to the days when Disney made the guest experience the best of the best. Sad those days seem to be gone. Magical Express should be brought back as soon as possible.

  6. Jeanette Jafari

    You are absolutely correct! Taking this perk away makes no sense to me. It was a definite main reason to stay on Disney property. Since they took this perk away, we have stayed off property twice.

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