Disney Policy Allegedly Forced a Sober Guest to Order Alcohol

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In a shocking report, one Guest alleged that Disney’s dining policy was unacceptable, forcing them to order an alcoholic drink instead of their mocktail.

The Walt Disney World Resort with its four Parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios—and the Disneyland Resort—with Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure—are known to be some of the most accepting and inclusive places on Earth and are wonderful places that hold the values of the Disney community. They’re the perfect places to taste that Disney experience and enjoy the Disney magic.

partners stature disneyland resort

Partners Statue, Disneyland Resort/Disney Parks Blog

The Southern California Disneyland Resort is particularly beloved by fans for its two Parks, and myriad wonderful attractions, think “Indiana Jones Adventure,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the soon-to-be-rethemed “Splash Mountain,” and more. It’s even home to the fan-favorite Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park.

The Disney Park has a newer dining experience, the Pym Tasting Lab, located in the recently-opened Avengers Campus. While most fans love the chance to step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe while there, one Marvel Studios fan recently reported a concerning experience at Pym Tasting Lab.

Reddit user u/joevasion said they wanted to purchase a glass beaker in which the brewery serves alcoholic drinks. The Guest and their partner are both sober and so asked for a virgin cocktail instead of an alcoholic one.

Avengers Campus Entrance at Disney California Adventure

Avengers Campus/Disney

“They would NOT sell it to me without alcohol,” the Guest recalled. “I pleaded with the lady, telling her that me and my lady don’t drink. She didn’t care at all. Her solution was for me to buy it and throw the alcohol right in the garbage next to me and keep the cup, even though my girl wanted a non alcohol drink from there.”

The Guest continued that they offered to pay the price of an alcoholic drink for a virgin drink to get the beaker, but the Disney Cast Member did not acquiesce. “They’d rather be wasteful than swap out a drink? Makes no sense man, really boggles my mind,” the Guest said.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort/Disney

The Guest did clarify that they were not angry at the Cast Member but more bothered by the policy, and as a consequence, it would be the last time they visited the Disney Theme Park. However, Guests in the comments were less than sympathetic, and many reported that the OP should have simply bought the alcohol and tossed it out.

It’s important to note this was one Guest’s experience at the Parks, and also remember that Disney’s policies are put in place to create a safe environment for all Guests to enjoy the offerings of the Theme Parks.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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