Disney Cast Member Reportedly Fired for Following Company Policy in a “Witch Hunt”

disneyland paris employee fired
Credit: Disney

A former Disney cast member from Disney’s Parisian park was reportedly fired for refusing to put whipped cream and Nutella on a guest’s waffles.

Stories about cast members at the Disney Parks being treated badly are unfortunately as old as time, whether it’s at Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort or Southern California’s Disneyland Resort. Cast members have come forward before about guests yelling obscenities at them, picking fights and having altercations, and generally being disruptive. However, in some of the worst stories, cast members have also been fired due to interactions with guests.

Disney strike experience

Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (a continuation of Sleeping Beauty Castle), Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

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Young Disneyland Paris Employee Gets Fired

Most recently, 20-year-old Loris Taboureau was fired from Les Chariots Gourmands on August 14.

Les Chariots Gourmands is a food stand that sells waffles with various toppings, and on June 26, guests who visited the stand asked Taboureau for two toppings. According to their policy, guests are only allowed one topping, and Taboureau communicated this. The guests complained to upper management about Taboureau, labeling his tone as “nonchalant,” the next thing the young cast member knew, he was being dismissed.

tower of terror in disneyland paris

Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris/Credit: Disney

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Le Parisien reported the story, and what stands out is not only Taboureau’s strange dismissal, but also his assertion that he was let go as part of a “witch hunt” because he participated in the industrial strikes.

“I’m upset. It’s a company in which I liked to work and to which I dedicated my days for a year,” Taboureau told Le Parisien. “The only time I failed to bring the magic to life, I was immediately fired.”

walt disney studios park disneyland paris

Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

Taboureau is also not the only Disneyland Paris employee who has reportedly been fired under false circumstances due to his participation in the strike. According to a petition released in support of the striking cast members, five Disneyland Paris CMs have been fired.

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