Expect to Get Wet With These Disney World Rides and Attractions

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Disney rides and attractions come in all different forms. Some are milder offerings, while others deliver on more moderate adventures. Then you have all those breathtaking thrills on top of that. What’s more, Disney attractions take on a wide range of different mediums, including those that incorporate the element of water.

Not all Disney-designated water attractions are guaranteed to get you wet, though. Likewise, some attractions that you would never even consider water-based have the potential to get you surprisingly spritzed. The amount of wetness each one divvies out spans from minor sprinkles to an all-out drench. Just the same, we feel you need to know which ones they are…just in case you’re like Luca or Alberto.

So, here they are: The Disney World rides and attractions you can expect to get a little wet, ranked in order from sprinkling to soaking.

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9. Avatar Flight of Passage

 For anyone who has never ridden this anchoring attraction within the Animal Kingdom’s Pandora – World of Avatar, this may come as a surprise. Even some of you who have ridden it may be struggling to remember just when you might have gotten wet. Just think back to the crashing wave scene in the flyby. Do you remember now feeling that spritz of water? Ironically enough, Pandora’s other popular attraction, Na’ vi River Journey, doesn’t get Guests wet despite providing a ‘small world’-type water ride experience.

Flight of Passage

Credit: Disney

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8. Muppet*Vision 3D

Again, we present you with a surprising example you wouldn’t expect to get you wet. A longtime favorite over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this theater show attraction starring those lovable Muppets continues to make folks laugh with their timeless banter and classic comedy. And just as the beloved tradition continues, Fozzie Bear, in particular, continues his own tradition of squirting the audience with a water-spraying flower during his cheap 3D tricks demonstrations. It may be a minor squirt but is very unexpected nevertheless.

Muppet*Vision 3D

Credit: Disney

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7. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Here is a similar sprinkle-level 4D theater show at Magic Kingdom Park. Folks tend to get a thrill and a bit of surprise by the first tactile elements displayed in the presentation, but as the show goes on, you’re already so enthralled that you get used to it. After taking in some lovely dinner theater from Beauty and the Beast, Donald Duck gets the classic treatment from The Brooms from Fantasia. As the marching beat from “The Sorceror’s Apprentice” leads the Brooms out with their buckets, you get a sprinkling of the dousing Donald endures. The pouring water is then used to transition us “under the sea” to our next movie of the adventure, The Little Mermaid. You may be expecting the shower, but you will still get to enjoy the cooling water and wow factor just the same.

Mickey's PhilharMagic

Credit: Disney

 6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

For the most part, this classic rollercoaster ride of the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland is set against dry, red rock terrain. But, there is that moment when you’re making the ascent from the mining caverns, just before the first initial drop, when you ride up alongside some misting or flowing water. Here is the important part: whether you feel no water or get more than a few drops on you depends on where you are sitting on the train and the time of the day (from my experience, it’s more prevalent when you ride in the evening). But, on average, you might just get a little spritzed.

Big Thunder Mountain

Credit: Disney

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 5. Jungle Cruise

While you’re not likely to get very wet (if at all) on most of Disney’s slow-moving boat ride attractions, the situation can be a little different when you’re riding along in an outdoor setting with the natural wind. And that is indeed the situation you find yourself in when riding Disney’s Jungle Cruise over in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park. But you may rest assured that even on what can be described as a windy day, the water isn’t likely to get to you too much. However, when you have a spraying animatronic elephant in combination with the outside wind, plus the area where you are seated on the boat, we can’t make any promises that you will escape even the most subtle of mistings. Oh, and we can’t forget about what could happen as you visit the 8th Wonder of the World: THE BACKSIDE OF WATER!

Jungle Cruise

Credit: Don Kelsen/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean

 Again, we have a very minor splash situation that is virtually non-existent to the majority of riders. Still, there is a slight risk of getting just a little wet on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction when you’re sitting in one of the first few rows. For starters, we have the big drop that throws us into the world of Disney’s pirates. Then, we sail right into the crossfire of a battle with cannons firing from both sides. Sometimes those cannon balls fall short, and while they won’t hit you, the splash they make just might.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

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3. Frozen Ever After

Much like the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction over at Magic Kingdom Park’s Adventureland, the majority of Guests riding along in EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After dark ride boat ride aren’t likely to get too terribly wet. That is unless they are seated in either the first or second row—particularly on the left side. For these riders, a little bit of a splash is not only possible but is to be expected. Would be Guests should also keep in mind that, unlike the other rides mentioned here, this ride will drop the boat backward.

Frozen Ever After

Credit: D23

2. Splash Mountain

We previously referred to Big Thunder Mountain over at Frontierland within Magic Kingdom Park. We mentioned that it offered up mild-at-best misting spritzes in the way of water. But now, we shift our focus to the arguably more dominant Disney Mountain attraction and arguably the most iconic Disney World water ride—Disney’s one and only iconic classic Splash Mountain. Make no mistake about this being a water ride—it is the water ride, with its 950,000 gallons of water, three dips, and a zenith drop that spans a grand total of five stories.

Splash Mountain Sign


Depending on where you are seated will determine just how wet you’re going to get. Those seated in the back may escape some of the more dramatic drenchings, and those up front are guaranteed to get an all-immersive soaking. But despite its reputation, Splash Mountain is NOT #1 on our list.

Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney

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1. Kali River Rapids

At last, we arrive at the very epitome of all Disney water rides—Kali River Rapids. Located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, this is the most drenching of all Disney rides. It doesn’t really matter where you position yourself on the multi-person raft because either way, you’ll come away absolutely and completely soaked. We recommend only riding this if you don’t mind being wet through and through, maybe after you’ve worked up a viable sweat following long hours spent in the Park on a hot day.

 Kali River Rapids

Credit: D23

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In addition to all these wonderful ways to enjoy water via Disney attractions, keep in mind that Walt Disney World Resort is also home to two fabulous water parks—Typhoon Lagoon, which is currently open and ready to flood you with happy times, and Blizzard Beach, which is currently closed for refurbishment. You can also enjoy many existing ways to cool off via the pool scene at any of Disney’s delightful Resorts. So, whether by just a wee bit of water or a torrential downpour of delights, get ready to make a happy splash into the magic of Disney.

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