Fans Feel “Burdened” by Disney World Changes, Miss “the Old Days”

fans miss old disney world changes
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Some guests expressed their frustration at needing to constantly stay on their phones to be able to navigate the Disney Parks correctly.

Disney fans are all well aware of the frustration that comes with the advent of technological advances at the parks. With the Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane systems that the Walt Disney Company introduced as a replacement for the formerly complimentary FastPass system, many guests have frequently reported that they spend the majority of their time at the parks glued to their phones.

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Recently, Disney guest and Reddit user u/AdventurerJax explained that they “have come to dislike being glued to my phone so much when visiting The World…But I miss ‘the old days’ of just bouncing around and having fun and the feelings of simpler freedom that come with that.”

The Disney fan acknowledged certain benefits that come with phones at Walt Disney World—being able to order online and accessing Disney Genie and Lightning Lane. However, that didn’t take away from the sadness of the “older days.”

Tusker House Animal Kingdom

Tusker House, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Credit: Disney

Several guests agreed with the OP’s opinion. One explained,

In general I miss the paper ticket fast passes. You could run it like a relay, send your family speedwalker out to get passes for the group and hit all your rides in a row.

The cellphone app is a gold mine for Disney. The data they collect about guest habits and usage on property and off can be used in decisions about park/price changes.

However, on the flipside, guests also explained that wasn’t necessarily true and that fans didn’t have to be on their phones all the time.

One commented, “We just set timers for 2 hours on our phone when using G+, then we’re not glued to it.”

How Has Disney World Changed Over the Years?

Obviously, from its inception, the Central Florida Disney resort has changed enormously. When the resort first opened in 1971 in honor of the Walt Disney Company’s founder, it opened with only the Magic Kingdom theme park. Over the years, the company opened the second theme park, EPCOT, initially intended to be a city, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom followed.

Leaving aside these big-ticket changes, more minor changes occur every year, from attractions opening and closing—though some of these can feel more significant (think Splash Mountain being rethemed to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure or Disney’s scariest ride being shut down).

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

When it comes to Genie+, Lightning Lane, and Individual Lightning Lane, these changes hit guests harder not only because they are more recent but also due to the simple fact that they are paid services, and the parks have become incredibly expensive.

Guests have noted time and again how much more it costs to enjoy a Disney vacation, with many families who once made a tradition of going to the Disney Parks being priced out of the Disney experience.

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