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Disney+ Would Suffer Without National Geographic Content

Disney selling National Geographic
National Geographic / Credit: Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has made it very clear that the future of some of the company’s television subsidiaries might be uncertain. Among the assets mentioned for possible offloading is National Geographic. As a historical and informational content provider, the company could lose an important part of its streaming offerings if this occurs. It might not seem that bad, but many self-professed nerds and animal lovers find comfort in Nat Geo’s content!

Disney’s potential sale of National Geographic raises critical questions about the future of the channel’s content on Disney+. This development also comes at a time when Disney+ grapples with subscriber retention hurdles. The potential loss of National Geographic’s content rights might amplify these existing challenges and cause further subscribers to check out.

National Geographic Magazine

Credit: National Geographic

National Geographic Fills a Large Disney+ Niche

National Geographic has undeniably played a pivotal role within Disney+’s streaming lineup. By offering an exceptional niche outside of the rest of the platform, its documentaries and educational programs cater to a broad spectrum of audiences – from devoted nature enthusiasts to avid history buffs. This diverse content range has significantly contributed to Disney+’s allure, turning it into more than just a repository for Disney’s classic animations and franchises. Shows like Limitless with Chris Hemsworth and the ever-endearing Secrets of the Whales or Secrets of the Elephants are particular standouts. However, some of the best content is shows like Brain Games and Critter Fixers.

In the event that National Geographic changes ownership, several plausible scenarios concerning the content’s fate on Disney+ come to the forefront. One hopeful course of action could involve the new proprietor of National Geographic choosing to maintain the availability of the content on Disney+. This outcome seems to hold potential, as it would permit the new owner to harness Disney+’s expansive subscriber base.

Conversely, the new owner could relocate National Geographic content to their own streaming service, should a current streaming competitor purchase it. Such a move would disappoint Disney+ subscribers who initially subscribed due to the allure of National Geographic’s content. Another potential scenario involves the new owner licensing National Geographic content to rival streaming platforms. Either of these options would diminish the appeal of Disney+, thus having an effect on subscription numbers. Even if Nat Geo isn’t a defining decision in maintaining a subscription, there is no way losing it would actually entice people to Disney’s service.

Limitless Disney

Credit: National Geographic

Disney Selling National Geographic

Several factors would probably come into play if such a sale were made. The financial terms of Disney selling National Geographic will undeniably wield a significant influence on the decision-making process of the new owner. A higher sale price might motivate the new owner to seriously consider the possibility of separating the National Geographic content from Disney+.

Additionally, specific contractual arrangements could be made. These terms might involve a predefined timeframe during which the National Geographic content must remain accessible on Disney+ following the acquisition. Moreover, the fiercely competitive streaming market would almost certainly see other platforms attempt to snatch up Nat Geo. If the price is right, a new owner might just be willing to jump ship to a different competitor, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Paramount Plus.

Secret of the Elephants

Credit: National Geographic

What Is Happening to National Geographic?

In reconsidering subscriber retention challenges, the absence of National Geographic’s content would create a noticeable void within Disney+. While CEO Bob Iger’s strategic pivot towards prioritizing content quality over sheer quantity appears commendable, the recent removal of content has sparked discussion about the platform’s intrinsic value proposition. This holds a lot of significance, particularly within a landscape where rival streaming services aggressively vie for viewers’ attention.

While Disney has not officially confirmed it will sell National Geographic, it hasn’t exactly inspired confidence for its future with the company. The unique niche it fills and the diverse audiences it draws are instrumental in shaping the platform’s content landscape. While many people subscribe to Disney+ for the classic content and franchises, there is likely a significant base that enjoys lying down and watching something easy and informative after a hard day instead of a complex show or movie. It would be sad to hear that Disney is willing to lose it.

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