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Minnie Mouse TWERKS in Unhinged Backstage Disney Character Video

Inappropriate Disney character behavior
Credit: @illegaldisney, TikTok

Someone might soon get into trouble with Mickey Mouse if their identity is revealed. Recently, an account on social media has been recording and posting illegal footage of backstage character dressing rooms at the Disneyland Resort in California. What’s worse is these videos showcase character performers in compromising positions. One of the more popular posts has shown Minnie Mouse engaged in shocking floor work. You have to see this wild footage to believe it.

mickey and minnie in their disney100 costumes

Credit: Disney

Disney Parks and Character Integrity

Disney Parks prioritize character integrity to maintain the authenticity of their cherished characters. Character integrity ensures consistent behaviors, appearances, and interactions that align with characters’ on-screen personas. Cast Members undergo extensive training to portray characters’ gestures, mannerisms, and personalities accurately. This commitment to detail extends to costumes, makeup, and respectful interactions with Guests, particularly children.

Characters create magical moments through photos, autographs, and carefully choreographed interactions. Disney takes this extremely seriously. Entertainment Cast Members must follow these strict rules or face immediate termination. This is why you often do not find footage of backstage dressing rooms or character performers while not in full costume. However, one Cast Member may have disregarded this message to go viral on TikTok.

Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale Credit: Disney Dining

Inappropriate Disney Character Behavior

A TikTok account called Illegal Disney (@illegaldisney) has started posting a ton of backstage secrets involving the secret world of character performers. While it is unclear who started the account, it looks as if a Cast Member is to blame. Footage includes instances of character bodies and heads without performers in them. One video even shows a performer as they undress out of their Nick Wilde from Zootopia costume.

However, the most popular video is even more unhinged. It has produced over 1.2 million views in 10 hours, with a scandalous amount of backstage footage. The post begins with Nick Wilde’s head on display before showcasing several characters in implicating situations. If you ever wanted to see Pluto’s backside closeup, this video is for you.

The craziest part of the footage is Minnie Mouse doing the splits in her Halloween outfit. She then begins to twerk on the floor as the Mickey Mouse performer simulates slapping her behind. This is a literal nightmare for Disney’s character integrity.

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Disney has a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of videos. It is likely only a matter of time before the Cast Member is discovered and reprimanded for this inappropriate Disney character behavior footage. They will almost certainly be fired, and it is shocking to see the reckless disregard for the job by posting this publically.

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