Recent Interview Reveals Disney’s Pricing Structure Meant to Give Guests a Choice

disney pricing reservation system

In a recent interview, Josh D’Amaro defended Disney’s pricing and revealed some bitter realities about the much-hated Theme Park reservation system.

The Walt Disney Company is certainly making its stance on its current policies known, whether by trying to explain them or demonstrating in no uncertain terms that some of those controversial decisions are absolutely here to stay. While the Mouse House has made statements that they are “obligated” to listen to their fans, they have also stated their “belief in the Genie product,” leaving fans to question where things actually stand.

josh d'amaro disney world

Josh D’Amaro at Walt Disney World

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But now, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro has thrown some light on this. In a recent interview, D’Amaro talked through some of these more controversial decisions defending Disney’s decisions and explaining that these were “necessary” to keep delivering the Park experience fans had come to expect.

The high-level executive shared that Disney is trying to “create as flexible and variable a model as it possibly can so that people have a choice at the end of the day.” He commented that he wanted Guests to be able to choose if they went to Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort using the different pricing structures as a decision-making factor.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park/Courtesy of Disney

Per D’Amaro,

If you want to visit for $104 per day, you can do that. In fact, one of the announcements that we’re making today is that we’re going to have two months worth of $104, or Tier 0, days. That’s a big deal. 

Of course, it is worth noting that $104 a day is still an increase from before. Walt Disney World tickets and a Disneyland Resort Theme Park ticket have both increased notably in the last year.

D’Amaro also addressed the question of the Disney Park pass reservation system. He said the system is based entirely on wanting to deliver the best Guest experience he possibly could. The chairman also highlighted that a contributing factor to this situation was that a lot of the recent systems require change which is difficult when nostalgia and tradition are such a big part of the Disney experience.

Bob Iger CEO Return Statement

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse/Courtesy of Disney

So what makes the Disney experience?

It boils down to the story. That’s what Disney continues to reiterate.

D’Amaro shared, “It’s got to be great story. It’s got to elevate the experience that’s already in the park. It has to leave you feeling something different than you would have otherwise felt anywhere else in the world.”

And provide a unique experience, Disney does. But we’d be remiss not to acknowledge it would also be wonderful not to have quite so big a bill to pay at the end of a Disney vacation.

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