How to Not Be a Karen at a Disney Theme Park

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Are you planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth but worried about accidentally channeling your inner Karen? Are you worried you might encounter a cast member and instantly request to speak to their manager, thus becoming a spectacle for all the wrong reasons? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with this handy guide on not being a Karen at a Disney theme park. We have compiled the most comprehensive list of suggestions, complete with real-world examples, on how to avoid this catastrophe and enjoy the theme parks.

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It’s Disney World, Not the Ritz Carlton

First and foremost, it’s best to lessen your expectations while exploring a theme park. Yes, Disney is known to be a magical experience, but it’s also a reality.

There will be lines, it will be hot, and you will encounter stressful situations. Try not to nitpick every detail. Also, we will assume you are not Arianna Grande reading this, but if you are, don’t be rude, sweetie. Cast members will collectively call you out on TikTok!

Plan, But Don’t “Sit in a Parking Space” Overplan

Sure, having a game plan is essential to make the most of your day, but don’t turn your Disney visit into a military operation. You don’t need a spreadsheet for snack breaks. Flexibility can lead to magical surprises!

Things are not always going to work out as planned, either. If the parking lot is busy, you don’t want to solve it by holding up a parking space with your body and causing a scene.


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No Line Cutting

Complaining about waiting in line is a surefire way to earn “Karen” status. Instead, use this time to chat with fellow park-goers, make friends, or even play Disney-themed games with your group.

Before you know it, you’ll be at the front of the line without ever feeling bored! Everyone else is in the same situation as you. Don’t be a Disney line cutter. It’s not a good look, and some guests might fight you.

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Be Kind to Cast Members

The Disney employees work tirelessly to make your experience unforgettable. Treat them with respect and kindness. Remember, they have the power to make your day even more magical or become the villain in your story! Also, avoid trying to get them fired, no matter how rude you think they are behaving. They are people just like you and might be struggling with issues you don’t know about.

We know this is the point where Karen struggles the most. The allure of asking for the manager might be overwhelming but have some self-control. Merchandise running out isn’t necessarily a justifiable reason to call a cast member useless.


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Share the Spotlight

We get it; you want that perfect Instagram shot in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Your child is the show’s star and deserves extra time with Mickey Mouse! But be mindful of others who also want their magical moment. Share the stage, and you’ll avoid being the “selfie-obsessed Karen.”

Also, recognize that Disney Photopass cast members are involved in all magical moments to provide a service to guests. Just because you opt out of their photos doesn’t mean they ignore their job. You don’t want to have to go to guest services because you decide you want professional photos after the fact. Bless your heart and work around them.


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Relax Your Dining Demands

Disney dining is a culinary adventure, but don’t demand Michelin-star service at every meal. Sometimes, the best meals are the ones you enjoy with a side of humility and a sprinkle of gratitude.

Some of the worst guest interactions involve angry hungry people and food. Don’t be that person. Disney is a busy place. Make reservations, expect delays, and exercise patience! Also, don’t pick a fight with Daisy Duck. You will always lose and likely get kicked out of the restaurant.


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Smile and Laugh

Remember to smile and laugh—a lot! You’re in a world where dreams come true, so embrace the joy and spread the happiness. A smile is more infectious than any complaint! The best part of being at a theme park is being around people from all walks of life. There will be incidents out of your control. Just ride with it and hope for a grip of steel!


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Being a Karen at a Disney theme park is a truly unnecessary way to spend your time. Embrace the magic, show kindness, and let the Disney vacation take you where it will. We’re all here to enjoy the parks together!

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