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Fans SLAM Kourtney Kardashian for What She Did During Disney-Themed Baby Shower

kourtney kardashian baby shower
Credit: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Fans were not happy with Kourtney Kardashian after one of her actions allegedly harmed the environment during her baby shower.

The Disney brand is globally renowned and beloved, and most importantly, it is for everyone. Wherever in the world you’re from, whatever walk of life, everyone has a place at the Disney table. Though recent decisions from the Walt Disney Company when it comes to theme park prices (be that ticket prices or even food inside the parks), streaming i.e., Disney+ price increases, and more have had fans questioning how much longer Disney will truly continue to be for anyone and everyone, for now, the brand continues to maintain that image.

Disney is for anyone; even celebrities! And recently, Kourtney Kardashian came under fire for her Disney-themed baby shower.

Kourtney Kardashian Allegedly Harms the Environment During Disney-themed Baby Shower

In a shower held in her mother’s—Kris Jenner—home in Los Angeles, Kourtney Kardashian shared photos of the Disneyland-themed baby shower on Instagram, calling it the “baby shower of my dreams.”

Kourtney also continued, “thank you mommy @krisjenner [Kris Jenner] for turning your home into the happiest place on earth,
instilling my love of all things Disney, and for throwing this baby shower to celebrate me and your thirteenth grandchild.”

Kourtney shared photos of her with her husband, Travis Barker, a video of her releasing a Mickey Mouse balloon into the air, and multiple Mickey hats at the luxe and Disneyland-themed baby shower.

Where Kourtney Kardashian’s baby shower didn’t pass the vibe check, was when she released the Mickey balloon into the air.

One fan commented, “Please do not release balloons into the air, it is so bad for the environment.” Many others also agreed with this sentiment, per The Hindustan Times.

Another fan wrote, “How is she so pro-environment and organic this organic that.. blah blah but is polluting the environment in the easiest way to avoid it?”

The reality star is expecting her first child with husband Travis Barker. She also has three children from a previous relationship.

"Partners" statue, Cinderella Castle, Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort

“Partners” statue in front of Cinderella Castle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Not the First Time Kardashians Have Made Disney News

Kourtney’s baby shower isn’t the first time that the Kardashians have made Disney news. The famous family made Disney news once before for a photoshopped Disneyland trip, and have even made headlines simply for visiting the Disney Park itself.

Regardless, as one may expect, none of the Kardashians have responded to the comments and all of this said, many congratulations to the mom-to-be!

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  1. If you actually read the information about her baby shower correct or you paid attention to the pictures and just looked with a little bit of discernment you would realize it is in Kris Jenners back yard not at Disneyland so if she damaged something it’s hers to damage

  2. Yes, I completely agree with the previous statement. It’s in her mother’s backyard so they can do whatever they want. Plus, who cares about the environment. I’m so sick and tired of listening to you people whine and complain about oh how bad this is or that is for the environment. Eat plant based this or that!!! NOOOOO!!!!! Stop shoving this junk in our faces!!!! Keep it to yourselves. If that’s what you believe , that’s totally fine. But keep it to yourself. I DONT CARE!!!!

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