Top 6 Fun, Family-Friendly Restaurants within EPCOT’s World Showcase

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By now, we all know that visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase is the best way to experience multiple different nations all in one convenient, easy-to-navigate location while providing the perfect opportunity for going on the ultimate food flight with international cuisine classics from around the world. And while there are many different enticing options to indulge in throughout the eleven national pavilions making up the World Showcase, some options stand out above and beyond the rest.

We’re offering you our top six recommendations for dining within EPCOT’s World Showcase. Our decision for recommending these picks is based not only on the phenomenal food offerings each one boasts but also on the engaging atmosphere and amazingly reasonable prices.

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6. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

A most befitting venue found within EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion, this is the place you’re going to want to bring your family to enjoy all those authentic regional classics you know and love so well. And, yes, that, of course, includes those authentic Neapolitan pizzas they are so renowned for, cooked to perfection in their wood-burning ovens named for Italy’s three active volcanoes, no less.

While their priciest pizzas exceed the $50 mark, when you consider the size and quality for feeding a hungry crew, it actually comes out to being a pretty good deal. Just consider the total cost of a usually plated entrée at Disney World and multiply that by the total number you are dining with, and you’ll understand what we mean.

The dining room is done up with a refining elegance reflective of an establishment in Southern Italy. From a charming internal dining area to even some outdoor seating options, wherever you end up dining is sure to offer up the needed eye candy that not even the most decadent desserts can match. Although, it should be noted that they have those also, including such flavorful enticements as Panna Cotta, Cannolo Siciliano, Torta Della Nonna, Tiramisu, and a couple of others. Dining al fresco is an especially appealing endeavor, as you get to take in all the surrounding beauty and splendor of the pavilion’s artistic and architectural impressions.

Via Napoli

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5. Rose & Crown Dining Room

Here is a longtime EPCOT favorite that needs no introduction. It’s pretty much always been a popular hit over at the United Kingdom Pavilion, known primarily for dishing out all the traditional British-based classics, even including authentic Fish and Chips.


Credit: Disney Fanatic

All items on the menu are reasonably priced, falling below the $30 marker yet still providing plentiful portions per plate. So, you need not worry about not getting your fill here. And for those adhering to a strict plant-based diet, it’s also worth noting that they offer a vast selection of vegan alternatives to some of their most renowned entrée selections, even including Bangers and Mash and a faux Fish and Chips concoction.


Credit: Disney

Rose & Crown has two components—one if their primary table-service dining room, and the other is the adjoining full-service pub. Both setups emanate the very real feeling of being in a quaint, jolly old English locale. The mood, atmosphere, and décor inside do well to evoke such charming old-world vibes. There is also fabulous outdoor seating available, overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon and providing perfect refreshing views to take in at any time of day. And if you’re lucky enough to be dining here at the time of EPCOT’s nighttime spectacular, the vantage point you will enjoy for viewing the fireworks can’t be beaten.

Rose and Crown interior

Credit: Disney

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4. Chefs de France

While the novelty of the newer La Crêperie de Paris is currently one of the biggest draws in the France Pavilion, where the food scene is concerned, this longtime staple still stands head and shoulders above. After all, buckwheat crepes aren’t for everyone, and Chefs de France boasts such a versatile menu with numerous notable features that even children and picky eaters can thoroughly enjoy. What’s more, the portions are generous.

Chefs de France

Credit: Disney

Guests may opt to order items both a la carte as well as prix fixe. And yes, for anyone wondering, they do serve up authentic Ratatouille here. All in all, for what you get in both quantity as well as quality, the prices are all fairly reasonable.

Throughout the fanciful, elegantly decorated restaurant, you will find two primary sitting areas. The brightest option is that sunroom-like setting with vast surrounding glass windows that offer up pleasing views overlooking the surrounding square of the France Pavilion. And that stellar fountain view does wonders as a focal point. It’s the perfect pairing to a most enjoyable meal.

Chefs de France window

Credit: Disney

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3. Teppan Edo

If you’re a fan of the Japanese steakhouse scene, then you can’t pass on this awesome establishment. Gracing EPCOT’s very own Japan Pavilion from its unassuming location just above the Mitsukoshi Department Store is Teppan Edo—a compilation of food performance at its finest combined with a robust deliverance in both flavor and plentiful portions.


Credit: Disney

Here you’ll find all those well-loved hits in Japanese steakhouse cuisine and then some. And for anyone with food allergies or other limitations, including those who adhere to vegetarian and vegan diets, they have an excellent track record for being able to accommodate all eaters accordingly.

The dining room setup follows that familiar, well-loved format you’ve come to expect at traditional Japanese steakhouses, with the hibachi grill at its rightful placement, heading the seating area for you and your party. Still, there’s something especially extra about the scene here that elevates the comfortable reception. It’s as though the same standards are in place as far as creature comforts and familiarity go, but the standards are far too elevated to be considered standard just the same.

Teppan Edo

Credit: Disney

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2. La Hacienda de San Angel

 Within EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion sits this stunning dinner-exclusive establishment, designed in a suspended fashion directly overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon. If that isn’t an appealing enough sight on its own, diners take note that the massive floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the elegantly fashioned dining rooms provide for optimal views during the nightly fireworks display, offering up the best form of alternative dessert you could ever hope for.

Hacienda San Angel

Credit: Disney

Before we discuss the other, more traditional offerings in the way of dessert, we can’t overlook the bountiful dinner selections presented to Guests choosing to come here. Of course, there are all those highly enjoyable Mexican menu traditions you’ve come to expect, but the deliverance of truly authentic specialties just can’t be beaten. And we’re talking “real” Mexican medleys—not that faux Tex-Mex stuff. Again, the portions pack plenty of provisions. Even diners requiring special dietary accommodations will take delight in knowing there are available customizable options just for them. What’s more, many entrées come with gargantuan side orders of rice, beans, and other accompaniments. And let’s not even forget the complimentary chips and salsa they give you to nibble on before the main mealtime event. That being said, we mentioned dessert earlier. It’s worth noting that they have some pretty novel selections, including familiar favorites like Tres Leches and less familiar hits like Sweet Corn Ice Cream. And don’t even get us started on the Chocolate “Fiesta” Pyramid. In conclusion, we leave you with this one assurance; you need never worry that you won’t get your fill here.


Credit: Disney Dining

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1. Biergarten

Perhaps the only thing more filling than a meal at La Hacienda de San Angel is an all-you-can-eat feast at Germany’s acclaimed Biergarten. It’s always Oktoberfest here, make no mistake about that, and like we said, it’s all-you-can-eat. That means literally endless amounts of food being dished up in traditional buffet style.

biergarten plate

Credit: Disney Dining

There’s just so much to say about Biergarten not only in the way of its satisfying, seemingly-boundless array of traditional German food selections. The overall ambiance within the restaurant is a buzzing scene that follows a stunning German outdoor village square model (even though you are entirely indoors). Then there’s the accompanying live stage entertainment that takes place in tandem with dining here. It just doesn’t get any more festively German unless, of course, you count the available libations you can enjoy here as well.

In getting back to the food scene, we mentioned that you would find a feast of traditional German staples. But even picky eaters, as well as those with specific allergies or opting for vegetarian/vegan diets, will be happy to learn that there are customizable alternatives that can be provided upon request.

On one final note, the scene provides for a communal village-like setting—perfect for eating, drinking, and being merry. But do be aware that you will not be doing any of the above in privacy. The table layout is all family-style, meaning varying parties will find themselves seated next to one another.


Credit: Disney Lists

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There are many other wonderful restaurants worth noting within EPCOT’s World Showcase. But for very specific reasons, we have not included them in our lineup. The Canada Pavilion’s Le Cellier Steakhouse, for example, is another great one. Its signature status speaks volumes, as does its versatile menu, which packs plentiful upscale culmination of some of the very best steakhouse selections. Its pricing, however, is enough to chase many folks away, particularly those unwilling to break the budget in favor of food, no matter how great it may be.

Tokyo Dining is the standout signature suggestion within the Japan Pavilion. However, its focus on sushi can present a problem for picky eaters, and it is questionable whether or not its price range matches the quality or plated proportions of the featured menu selections.

Perhaps you’ve spotted Mexico’s San Angel Inn setup within the pavilion’s dominating Pyramid and have long dreamed of what it would be like to dine on location here. Well, don’t be fooled. Aside from the moonlit atmosphere, ambiance, and its overall location overlooking the Gran Fiesta Tour water route, there’s little else to impress Guests in the way of cuisine offerings.

Here we have presented what we feel are some of the very best restaurant options to take into consideration as you venture your way around EPCOT’s World Showcase with your family. Do take note that there are a host of other excellent dining establishments on the other side of the lagoon as well. Also, keep in mind that there are a number of quick-service designations and snack stops that deliver on far more than you’d expect as well. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make in where to go for your magical meal while exploring the World Showcase in EPCOT.

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